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Should You Be Worried About an Aneurysm?
You may think the quickest way to someone’s heart is through chocolates and flowers, but it’s actually through their arteries. All jokes aside, your arteries...
May 22
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Act F.A.S.T.: Recognizing Signs of Stroke
Seeing someone experience a stroke can be very scary. You may feel powerless, but that’s actually the opposite of the truth - your fast action can be the...
May 10
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Understanding High Blood Pressure In Men
We’ve all been to the doctor and had a nurse take our blood pressure. The nurse puts the cuff on, places the stethoscope on the crook of the elbow and...
Jul 12
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Are Energy Drinks Safe?
Energy drinks are a common way for many people to boost their energy levels, helping them get through their day without feeling like they need a nap. You...
Feb 20
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You Just Received A High Blood Pressure Reading, Now What?
You’re probably fairly used to the process of getting your blood pressure checked on virtually every visit to your doctor’s office. You sit down in a chair,...
Feb 15 1