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Here’s What to Know if Your Doctor Says You Need an Endoscopy
If you have symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, heartburn or difficulty swallowing and your doctor doesn’t know why, you might need some...
Feb 21
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When Your Doctor Might Want You to Have a Fluoroscopy Exam
X-rays are the workhorses of imaging inside your body. They’ve been a routine tool to help diagnose medical problems for nearly 100 years, and they’re...
Jun 08
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First Mammogram? 10 Facts to Ease Your Fears
Anxiety is a common reason (and strong motivator) for people to hold off from doing something, but don’t let it stop you from getting your first mammogram. You...
May 12
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Expert Advice to Prevent Gagging During an Endoscopy
Do you have a sensitive gag reflex? This sensitivity can lead to significant difficulties with swallowing pills and tolerating dental work and endoscopic...
Mar 03
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How to Find Out if Your Bones Are as Strong as They Should Be
As you get older, your bones can become thinner and weaker. That means you could be at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis or even fracturing a bone. A...
Nov 05
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A Lump Showed Up on Your Abdominal CT Scan. Now What?
Your doctor sends you for a CT scan to evaluate a health concern, and the scan turns up a completely unrelated finding—a nodule or lump on your adrenal...
Jun 30
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Electrocardiograms (EKGs): When You Need Them and When You Don’t
Has your heart ever skipped a beat or fluttered? There are a lot of odd things that our heart can do when we are stressed, scared and even in love. But...
Feb 25
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Scoliosis in Adults: A Spine Specialist Answers 5 Top Questions
You probably remember someone in middle school or high school who wore a back brace to treat their scoliosis. Scoliosis is a condition where the spine...
Jan 25
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Breast Implants & Mammograms: What You Should Know
Your breast implants are no one’s business but your own – most of the time. When it comes to mammograms and breast cancer, however, it’s best to let your...
Oct 26
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A Guide to Medical Imaging
It wasn’t so long ago that diagnosing a pulmonary embolism required an invasive procedure that could take more than an hour. “Imagine, having to undergo...
Aug 16