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Sidelined with an Injury? Platelet-Rich Plasma May Be the Answer
With some injuries, nothing seems to help. You rest. You try rehab and physical therapy. You take medication. Still, you’re dealing with the pain, and...
February 28
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A Guide to Medical Imaging
It wasn’t so long ago that diagnosing a pulmonary embolism required an invasive procedure that could take more than an hour. “Imagine, having to undergo...
August 16
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Understanding the Different Types of COVID-19 Tests
Over the last six months, the world’s scientists and experts have discovered and proven unique methods for identifying the coronavirus. As science advances...
August 09
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Is Anterior Hip Replacement Better Than Posterior?
Is hip pain getting in the way of living your life? Is osteoarthritis making it difficult to walk or complete daily tasks? Are non-surgical treatments...
August 04
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ECMO Team Treats COVID-19 Patients
A team of 80+ nurses and physicians at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix are using ECMO, an organ bypass machine, to oxygenate blood in patients...
June 23
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Is Telehealth the Present and Future of Healthcare?
Video meetings are a part of daily life now. Ever since stay-at-home ordinances went into effect as a result of COVID-19, more and more of our day-to-day...
May 13
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I Have Knee Arthritis: Is Surgery My Only Option?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), arthritis affects 23% of all adults, making the condition one of the most common ailments...
May 02
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Innovative Study Needs Your Help To Slow Nearsightedness
Myopia, commonly called nearsightedness, is a condition where distance vision is blurry and near vision is clear. And, it is a growing problem: The National...
October 17