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Is Sparkling Water Healthy or Does It Fall Flat?
San Pellegrino, Perrier, La Croix, Waterloo, Bubly, Spindrift … the list of sparkling water brands goes on and on. It seems Coke and Pepsi have more competition...
May 17
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The Pegan Diet: When Paleo Meets Vegan
In the quest to trim down, gain muscle, eat healthier or prevent cardiovascular disease, many people look to dietary philosophies like Whole30, Mediterranean,...
May 03
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What to Know About the Health Benefits of Smoothies and Juices
Whether you’re throwing ingredients into a blender or juicer or shopping for a prepackaged smoothie or juice, you’re probably turning to these drinks because...
Apr 25 1
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Tips for Vegetarians During Pregnancy
All pregnant people need to eat a healthy diet. Healthy eating during pregnancy can help support your health and the development and growth of your baby. However,...
Apr 23
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Moldy Foods: Are They OK to Eat or Should You Toss Them Out?
You just got a pint of strawberries, and it’s already got a fuzzy white patch of mold. Should you toss the few fuzzy berries and eat the rest or throw...
Apr 19
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Decrease Your Processed Sugar Intake with These 6 Swaps
If you’re aiming to improve your health, you probably want to keep an eye on the amount of processed sugar you’re eating. Processed sugar, which is also...
Apr 07
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7 Microchanges That Can Nudge You Toward Healthier Eating
You come across advice about what to eat practically every time a health headline lands in your news feed. But how do you get there, exactly? How do you...
Mar 29
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Is the Low Residue Diet Right for Me?
Unless your health care provider has recommended you cut back on your fiber intake, you probably haven’t come across anything on a low-residue diet.  It’s...
Mar 21
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How to Start Eating Meat Again After Being Vegan or Vegetarian
There’s a saying that once you go vegan or vegetarian, you never go back to meat. That’s until you do. Nowadays, veganism and vegetarianism are easier...
Mar 12
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Eat These 6 Foods to Keep Your Liver Healthy and Happy
When you think of ways to keep your liver healthy, your mind probably jumps to drinking less alcohol. And while it’s true that alcohol is linked with liver...
Mar 03