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Surviving A Stroke: Wyoming Patient Tells Her Story
Sandie and Glen Stellpflug have spent all 56 years of their marriage living on a rural ranch outside of Guernsey, WY. In the spring of 2023, they spent...
May 08
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When Lightning Strikes: A Survivor’s Story
Jack Corson was gathering cattle on his ranch in rural Wyoming when he was struck directly by lightning in the summer of 2021. The strike killed the horse...
September 05
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How Music Therapy Helps Soothe Patients in the NICU
Sarra Erb, a music therapist with Banner Children's, has a job many people can only dream about. She gets paid to sing to babies in the hospital.  Part...
July 12
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Bedside Stories: Robot Cookies
When Janice Cmeyla sought help for difficulty breathing, she had no idea that would involve a “three-armed surgeon” – or that major breakthroughs in new...
April 26
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Jesse Parker: An Inspiration On and Off the Field
As a history teacher and a football coach, Jesse Parker was an inspiration to countless young people both in his classrooms and on his teams. And it wasn’t...
January 29
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Bedside Stories: Let Them Know
A hospice music therapist and a 37-year-old Phoenix woman with terminal cancer spent four months creating deeply personal music, as a legacy for the patient...
January 27
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Bedside Stories: The Flashlight Option
Patient Kim Alten’s annual mammogram led to an option to have genetic testing for cancer, which can help determine whether someone – and their family –...
June 15
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Bedside Stories: The Speed Bump
Thirteen-year-old Ben Zaccardi took a ride around the block on his dirt bike that ended with him hurling into a cinder block wall, demolishing his body....
May 05
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Banner Health Celebrates Halloween 2019
From pediatric patients at our children's hospitals to pre-schoolers and pet therapy dogs, Banner Health celebrated Halloween throughout our Phoenix area...
November 15
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A Patient’s Wish To Dance Again
Meet Patrick Murtagh, a man who came to Banner Health needing physical therapy, occupational therapy and Home Health Aide care. Mr. Murtagh was admitted...
August 05