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9 Tips to Beat the Heat for a Smooth Summer Pregnancy
Are you gearing up for a summer pregnancy? While the sun is shining and the days are long, pregnancy during the warmest months of the year can present...
June 07
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Your Guide to High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an incredible journey, but it can also bring unexpected health challenges like high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. High blood...
May 30
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10 Tips for Coping With Emotions as Your Due Date Approaches
In the final weeks of your pregnancy, you might feel a whirlwind of emotions. As the due date approaches, it’s totally normal to feel a mix of excitement,...
May 15
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9 Things to Know About Exercise During Pregnancy
Should I be exercising while I’m pregnant? It’s a question that often comes up during the whirlwind of changes that come with expecting a baby.  Whether...
April 10
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From Flutters to Kicks: Your Baby’s Movement in the Third Trimester
The joy of feeling your baby’s movements in the third trimester is truly special. It’s like getting a backstage pass to their lively world inside your...
March 21
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Getting to the Bottom of Hemorrhoids
Let’s talk about something that might not be the easiest topic to bring up in casual conversations: hemorrhoids. Although they are rarely dangerous, hemorrhoids...
March 03
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Smooth Sailing: 6 Ways to Relieve Constipation During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a journey filled with excitement and joy, but let’s get real – it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Along with the excitement of feeling...
February 26
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10 Tips for Bonding With Your Baby Before Birth
You’ve reached the grand finale of your pregnancy: the third trimester! On one hand, your excitement levels might be at an all-time high as you get closer...
February 07
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Can Perineal Massage Help Prevent Tears During Delivery?
As you approach the big day of bringing your baby into the world, you’ve likely got a laundry list of things to do. You’re finishing the last-minute touches...
February 02
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Four Things to Consider for Your Birth Plan
When preparing for your baby’s arrival, it’s natural to want things to go as smoothly as possible. Creating a birth plan is an opportunity to pave the...
January 17