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How to Share the News That You Have Cancer With Loved Ones
Your doctor has just told you that you have cancer. After the initial shock, you may ask yourself, “How am I going to tell my partner? My friends? My kids?” Ashley...
June 23
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How to Recognize and Deal with the Narcissists in Your Life
Just about all of us show some narcissistic traits, some of the time—we crave attention, put our own needs first, or think we are special. Teenagers in...
May 24
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Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? Here’s How to Thrive With Your Superpower
Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Do you feel and experience the world—people, lights, sounds, art, music, movies—more deeply and profoundly than...
May 16
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Signs You Are Emotionally Unavailable and What to Do About It
Human beings are emotional creatures. We can experience thousands of emotions—from happy to sad and surprised to fearful. With so many emotions, it’s no...
April 28
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How to Help Your Loved One with Arthritis
Arthritis is a painful disease affecting one in four adults in the United States. Although arthritis is common, living with it can feel isolating and extremely...
April 18
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8 Do’s and Don’ts to Help a Loved One with Anxiety
Many of us deal with bouts of worry, fear and concern from time to time. But for those with anxiety, thoughts and feelings can become so intense and overwhelming...
March 03
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Maintaining Intimacy With Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can have a profound impact on couple relationships. Emotional, physical and sexual intimacy are all impacted...
February 08
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Recovering Your Sex Life After Breast Cancer
Breast cancer can affect a person in many ways. It can take your energy, your hair, your breasts, your sense of self and your plans for the future.  After...
December 23
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Is It Time to Seek Couples Counseling?
Couples in some books, TV shows and movies make love look so easy. A couple meets, they fall in love and we assume they live happily ever after.  These...
December 09
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How to Deal with a Grown-Up Mean Girl
She’s the judgy mom in your parent group, the coworker excluding you from meetings, and the late-night name-caller trolling you on social media. Some call...
November 15