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How Healthy Relationships Help You Have a Healthier Body
Have you ever left an upsetting conversation feeling physically ill? Maybe your stomach became upset, your sleep was disrupted, or you had sudden chest...
Jan 21
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Parents: 8 Ways to Practice Self-Care When You Can Barely Spare a Minute
If you’re a parent of young children, you probably feel like there’s never enough time to get caught up. You might be managing your work obligations, supervising...
Jan 03
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The Best Ways to Communicate with Someone Who Doesn’t Hear Well
Just about all of us struggle to hear in some situations. The loud chatter in restaurants, the roar of traffic on a nearby highway or the hum of your dishwasher...
Nov 22
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Helping Your Child Cope with a Divorce or Separation
If you’re going through a divorce or separation, you’re probably concerned about how it will affect your child. While this parting of ways is between you...
Nov 06
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7 Comments That Are Relationship Killers and 5 Ways to Avoid Them
When it comes to arguing with your partner, do you fight fair or dirty? Do you focus on the problem or the person? We’ve all done it. We’ve been in a heated...
Oct 26
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Do I Have Parental Separation Anxiety?
Dropping your child off at college or to summer camp should be an exciting time for parents and children, but what if it creates major feelings of anxiety...
Oct 20
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Could a Sleep Divorce Strengthen Your Relationship?
Debbie and Trevor had problems in the bedroom. No, not intimacy issues. They had major sleep issues. Debbie, a light sleeper and early bird, would find...
Oct 10
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Are You Having an Emotional Affair with Someone Else? Here’s How to Tell
It started innocently enough. You’re chatting up a new coworker in your office. You share flirty banter over lunch. You even confide in them about personal...
Sep 24
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How to Keep Your Relationship Solid During a Serious Illness
No matter how solid your relationship with your partner is, a serious illness like cancer or a chronic disease such as diabetes, arthritis or multiple...
Aug 30
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Stonewalling: Is It Ruining Your Relationship?
No relationship is without conflict. Even the healthiest relationships will have some friction from time to time. While it’s natural not to see eye-to-eye...
Aug 09