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Nighttime Acid Reflux: Tips for a More Peaceful Sleep
It’s so frustrating. You crawl under the covers, tired and ready to sleep after a busy day. But soon after you get into bed, you feel the familiar symptoms of...
February 20
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Navigating Allergies and Sleep: A Guide to Restful Nights
If you have allergies, you know how much they can disrupt your life. Spending time at someone’s house can have you scratching your eyes and wiping your...
January 16
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Want to Go to Sleep Earlier? These Tips Can Help
Have you ever had someone tell you that an hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after? While that might not be exactly true, many of us could...
November 10
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Supporting Your Child Through Sleepwalking or Sleep Terrors
Sleepwalking and sleep terrors are two sleep problems that are common in children. And they can cause issues for parents, too. If your child sleepwalks,...
September 11
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The True Dangers of Driving When You’re Sleepy
You know you’re tired. Whether you stayed up too late scrolling through your Instagram feed, worries about work kept you awake or you were lying in bed...
August 24
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Don’t Fall for These 9 Myths About Yucky Bed Bugs
You might think you’d only spot bed bugs in a sketchy motel or a run-down apartment building. But there’s a reason you see so many signs attached to telephone...
August 03
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Do Adjustable Beds Really Help You Sleep Better and Reduce Pain?
If you’re having trouble sleeping well, you’re snoring or you’re experiencing chronic back pain, you may wonder whether an adjustable bed might help. With...
May 05
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New Baby? Seven Sleep Tips for Exhausted Parents
You probably heard someone say to you, “Enjoy your sleep while you can,” at some point before your baby arrived into this world. Now that your newborn...
March 30
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Why You Should Never Sleep with Your Contact Lenses In
If your vision isn’t perfect, you might hate that moment when you wake up in the morning. As you open your eyes, everything is fuzzy or blurry, and the...
March 20
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Why You Should Never Tape Your Mouth Closed When You Sleep
You may have seen social media posts that hype the benefits of mouth taping. If their claims are to be believed, taping your mouth closed—so you have to...
March 06