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The BIG Pink Bus

Mammograms are the only screening test proven to lower breast cancer deaths by early detection. Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommend that women have a mammogram every year, starting at age 40.

Banner MD Anderson’s The BIG Pink Bus* is a mobile mammography unit providing early breast cancer detection services to women all over the greater Phoenix area of Arizona. Our goal is to improve access to these important preventive breast screenings for those who may not be able to access them otherwise.

The BIG Pink Bus offers digital 3D mammography, some of the latest  mammogram technology and the same innovative equipment found at our various Banner MD Anderson facilities.

All mammograms from The BIG Pink Bus are reviewed by Banner MD Anderson radiologists (specialists in breast imaging). If abnormal findings are found, follow-up care will be handled by our caring, top-rated breast cancer program, including experts in breast cancer and reconstructive surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology and genetics.

This mobile mammography bus is available for on-site employer-specific outreach events, as well as other special events,  especially in underserved communities.

Request The BIG Pink Bus

To request more information or to schedule an event with our mobile mammogram bus, please fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch. Please provide us with your name, contact information and the name of the organization you represent.

Participation guidelines

Scheduling a visit from The BIG Pink Bus is simple, but there are a few basic requirements for site coordinators:

  • To avoid cancellation, a minimum of 17 participants are required and they must be signed up at least 15 business days before the event date (walk-ins are not accepted).
  • The mobile mammography unit should be scheduled at least three months before your event date.
  • Any necessary permits, site approvals, meter-bagging, etc. must be handled by the site coordinator.
  • Event publicity - including eligibility criteria for participants - should begin 60-90 days before your event.

Our participation resources include: 

Location guidelines

  • The BIG Pink Bus must be parked on a paved, level area at least 60 feet long and 15 feet wide with a 14-foot height clearance.
  • Please note that sharp turns in narrow areas cannot be made by the bus.
  • The parking site should not have low-hanging tree branches or wires.
  • The route to the site must avoid railroad tracks and speed bumps.
  • The site should be near restrooms (there is no restroom on the bus).
  • While we can participate in health fairs and provide education on screening mammography, we cannot provide actual screenings during the health fair itself.

Patient rights

It’s important for you to know your rights as a patient, as well as those of your health care providers, other patients and the cancer center. 

Request more information and/or schedule an event with The BIG Pink Bus

*This location is a department of Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix