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Uterine Cancer Treatment and Support

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center is a leader in treating uterine cancer. Trust the experts to help treat your uterine cancer. 

How Is Uterine Cancer Treated?

Uterine cancer treatment can differ based on the patient and the stage of cancer they have upon diagnosis. Treatments for uterine cancer can include:


Surgery is one of the main treatment methods used to treat uterine cancer. Surgical approaches can include:

  • Hysterectomy or removing the uterus
  • Removing both the ovaries and fallopian tubes


Radiation can be used as the main treatment or used to supplement other treatments methods.


Chemotherapy uses medicine to kill the cancer. Chemotherapy can be administered by mouth in the form of a pill or infused into your veins.

Hormone Therapy

While some hormones can cause cancer to grow, if tests show that cancer cells have receptors where hormones can attach, hormone therapy can help reduce the hormones or stop them from working. Talk to your doctor about the kinds of hormones that can be used to treat uterine cancer.

What Are the Side Effects of Uterine Cancer Treatment?

Depending on your treatment, uterine cancer treatment side effects can differ.

  • Radiation therapy: This treatment can cause fatigue, vomiting and other digestion problems
  • Chemotherapy: This treatment can cause hair loss, fatigue and more
  • Hormonal Therapy: This treatment can cause weight gain and increased appetite

Your doctor can discuss side effects in-depth, depending on your treatment plan.

Fertility After Uterine Cancer Treatment

After having uterine cancer, some women cannot have children, especially after a hysterectomy. If you are still looking to have children, talk to your doctor about your options before surgery. Some chemotherapy and radiation therapy can damage the reproductive system, but many women have still had successful pregnancies after uterine cancer. Talk to your doctor about next steps for fertility after uterine cancer.

Uterine Cancer Treatment Support

Getting diagnosed with any cancer can be tough on you, physically and emotionally. Consider your options with treatment support, such as joining support groups, staying involved in routine activities and keep family and friend relationships strong. Learn more about our comprehensive programs and care.

Let the experts at Banner MD Anderson assist with your treatment and support options. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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