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What Is Cardio-Oncology?

Cardio-oncology is not heart cancer, rather it is a relatively new area of focus in cardiology. It is the intersection of heart disease (cardio) and cancer treatments (oncology). Some cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can lead to either short- or long-term complications of the heart. The latest research shows that for cancer survivors the risk of developing heart disease is eight times higher than that of the general population.

Why Is a Focus on Cardio-Oncology Important?

We strive to provide our patients undergoing treatment with the most comprehensive care, focusing on the education, prevention and treatment for cancer-related heart disease.

A cardio-oncology program can aid in:

  • Preventing or reducing heart damage in cancer patients
  • Providing earlier detection of heart issues due to cancer treatments
  • Gaining a better understanding of the relationship between cancer treatments and heart disease
  • Eliminating the risk of developing heart disease as a barrier to cancer treatments

Patients undergoing cancer treatment should be aware of the risk factors for developing heart disease. If you or a loved one are currently being treated or have previously been treated for cancer and you have questions about your heart health, the experts at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center can provide guidance and support at any stage.