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Vascular Disease

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What Is Vascular Disease?

Vascular diseases are caused by problems in your circulatory system and its blood vessels. Vascular disease restricts blood flow in your body, typically beginning in your neck, legs or abdomen. In some cases, vascular disease can be life-threatening. 

At Banner Health, our vascular specialists diagnose and treat all types of vascular problems. Our top priority is to find the cause of your vascular issue early, so we can prevent a stroke or heart problems.

Many times, we can treat your vascular problem as it’s diagnosed using minimally invasive procedures. We can then discuss vascular disease prevention, such as changes in your lifestyle or medication that may help you avoid surgery.

Is There More Than One Type of Vascular Problem?

There are nearly a dozen common vascular diseases. At Banner Health, we diagnose and treat all types of vascular circulatory disorders.

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What Is the Treatment for Vascular Disease?

Vascular heart disease treatment options will vary depending on the type of vascular disease and its progression.

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What Causes Vascular Disease?

There are several causes of vascular disease – some in your control and some that aren’t. Like many diseases, prevention is important.

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