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X-Ray Imaging

X-rays are the oldest and most commonly used medical imaging test. At Banner Health we are dedicated to supporting you in maintaining strong and healthy bones, which is why we offer both conventional and digital x-ray imaging. Our digital x-ray imaging is comfortable and fast, providing detailed image quality to ensure that your doctor has an accurate view for diagnosis or monitoring.

What Is an X-Ray?

An x-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation that goes through the body to take internal images of bones or other parts of the body.

When Is an X-Ray Used?

While x-rays play an important role in diagnosing broken bones, they can also be used for a number of other reasons such as:

  • To view, monitor or diagnose joint injuries and infections, arthritis, artery blockages or abdominal pain
  • To detect and diagnose cancer, although CT scans or an MRI are more commonly used to define the extent and the nature of a suspected cancer
  • A chest x-ray produces images of the heart, lungs, and ribs and can be used to identify broken ribs, heart problems, or pneumonia.

How to Prepare for an X-Ray

While there is no need to prepare for an imaging x-ray, you will need to remove any jewelry and metal objects before the exam begins. Make sure to let your doctor or the x-ray technologist know if you are pregnant as well.

What to Expect from an X-Ray

During an x-ray exam, you can expect the imaging test to take 30 minutes or less. Depending on the body part being looked at, you may have you lie on an exam table and stay in a position to take an image of the specific area. When the technologist is ready to take the image, they will step behind a barrier and have you stay still.

Associated Risks

X-ray imaging is painless, but you may feel uncomfortable if needing to get a specific image from an angle. X-rays, particularly digital x-rays, expose only a low dose of radiation so there are no known associated risks or health problems.

Where to Get an X-ray Near Me

X-rays can be performed at most Banner Health facilities, including our convenient Banner Imaging locations, ensuring you'll receive a timely x-ray so you can get the best care possible, quickly.

The Banner Health team is here to help you before, during and after your x-ray imaging tests. Let us know if you have any questions about x-ray imaging.

Find an Imaging Location Near You

Whatever your need, your doctor can refer you to one of our conveniently located free-standing imaging centers or one of our hospitals.