An ultrasound provides a painless, non-invasive view inside your body with the use of sound waves. One of the most popular uses of ultrasound is for parents to see their baby while still in the womb. Pregnancy ultrasounds check a baby's growth and can identify a baby's gender. We offer the latest ultrasound technologies, such as 3D ultrasound at some locations, for a better view of your new baby. Ultrasound is a safe and reliable tool to diagnose conditions affecting the liver, pancreas, heart, breast and other abdominal and pelvic organs as well as your circulatory system. The certified imaging team at Banner Health are experienced experts with all types of ultrasounds.
At Banner Health we offer the latest and most advanced ultrasound technology. This non-invasive diagnostic imaging method produces a 3D image of hard-to-see areas of the body and is used to find the causes of pain, infection or other problems with internal organs. It is also used to see your baby (or babies!) while still in the womb to evaluate growth, overall health and gender. Other uses for ultrasound include observing blood flow to tissues and organs, providing imaging guidance during procedures such as needle biopsies and breast imaging.

To make an accurate diagnosis, your doctor may order an imaging test such as an MRI, CT scan or X-ray. We know that finding timely answers is important. That is why Banner offers several modern imaging centers with comfortable amenities and certified staff to support you.

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