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Maternity and Childbirth Resources

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Adding a member to your family is a very special time for you and your loved ones. At Banner Health, we want to make sure you feel prepared every step of the way. We offer a variety of resources to help you navigate your maternity experience.

Whether this is your first child, or you’ve had experience with maternity before, these resources are here to act as guidance during your entire journey.

Download Your Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting E-Book (Spanish

Pregnancy and Parenting Classes

We want to make sure you feel prepared throughout every step of your pregnancy. At Banner Health, we offer classes for pregnancy and parenting, including prenatal and infant CPR.

Educational Materials

Banner Health offers you educational materials to help you understand pregnancy, the labor and birth process, newborn care and breastfeeding.

Pregnancy Support Groups

Support groups bring together individuals who are currently experiencing or have had similar experiences in the past. While your Banner Health doctor can provide adequate information about your pregnancy, support groups offer valuable emotional support.

In addition to these resources, Banner’s expert staff is also here to answer your questions at any time. Reach out whenever you need us.