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Pregnancy and Parenting Classes

We know the pregnancy and parenthood journeys are different for everyone. Banner Health wants to make sure every parent feels prepared for parenthood. We offer a variety of classes, taught by maternity experts in the field, to help prepare you for anything.

We’re proud to offer the following pregnancy and parenting classes:


Our prenatal class will cover topics including parenting skills, baby care, diapering, feeding, bathing, signs and symptoms of illness, comforting a crying child, growth and development.


Banner’s childbirth prep classes are for anyone who is preparing to have a baby and delivering in a Banner facility. The topics covered in these classes include: preparing for labor and delivery, the stages of labor, Lamaze breathing techniques, medical options and practices, positions for labor and cesarean birth.

Gestational Diabetes

Some women may experience gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. Banner Health’s gestational diabetes classes can help you manage your blood glucose levels by way of nutritional counseling, physical activity guidelines, insulin or medication management and how to prevent diabetes after birth.


If parenting is new for you or you need a refresher, our parenting classes will provide information on going home, postpartum care and newborn care.


Young children may not understand the impact a new sibling can bring to family dynamics. Banner’s sibling classes will help your little ones transition into being a big brother or sister by informing them of what to expect while mom is in the hospital, what new babies look like and what kinds of behaviors they can expect from their new sibling.

Infant CPR

Banner’s infant CPR classes will teach you how to respond in case of an emergency by delivering lifesaving CPR and choking relief to an infant under one year of age.

Car Seat Safety

Our classes on car seat safety provide information on car seat selection and tips on snug fits, locking clips, seat belt systems, tethers, LATCH, recalls, defects and selecting the right car seat for your child.

No matter where you’re at in your parenthood journey, we offer a class for everyone. Find a class near you today. Classes may vary by location.