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Neurological and Neurology Clinical Trials

Banner Health’s clinical trials allow patients to participate in the latest medical innovations. Our carefully conducted clinical trials will give you a fast and safe way to find treatments and improve your overall health, no matter the neurological condition.

Participation in clinical trials leads to finding new and better treatments for diseases and other conditions. The award-winning staff at Banner Health is dedicated to ethically, safely and efficiently conducting research while protecting patients throughout their clinical trials.

We currently offer clinical trials at these three locations:

  • Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Banner Alzheimer’s Institute
  • Banner Sun Health Research Institute

What are the Benefits and Risks of Participating in a Clinical Trial?

Each clinical trial has its own benefits and risks depending on the type of clinical trial and what it’s addressing. Banner’s neurological clinical trials allow you to participate in the latest medical innovations for a fast and safe way to find treatments and improve your health. Additionally, clinical trials give patients early access to treatments that aren’t available yet and are usually free or low costs.

Along with benefits come potential risks. The risks of clinical trials include additional side effects with new treatment, not being able to choose the treatment you receive, not responding to this new treatment and your insurance may not cover all the costs.

Talk to your doctor before starting any neurology clinical trial to ensure it’s right for you.

What Can I Expect During a Clinical Trial?

To participate in a clinical trial with Banner Health, we first ask that you sign up. Once you’re registered, a member of the clinical trial staff will contact you with more information on a clinical trial that you may qualify for. Next, you’ll go through a screening to ensure you qualify for the trial. This screening process consists of a series of questions related to your health, medications you currently take and your lifestyle.

If it’s determined that you qualify for a clinical trial, you’ll be given the details regarding the study and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have on the process. During this phase, you’ll also be asked to sign a consent form.

After you sign on to a clinical trial, a physical exam is conducted. This physical exam may consist of:

  • Measuring your height, weight, temperature and blood pressure
  • Blood and/or urine samples
  • An electrocardiogram
  • Any other diagnostic test required by the clinical trial protocol

The clinical trial process typically consists of four phases:

Phase I: The first phase of a clinical trial is used to assess the safety of a new drug or medical device. This phase can take several months to complete.

Phase II: The second phase of a clinical trial tests the effectiveness of a new drug or device. Phase II can last anywhere from several months to two years.

Phase III: Phase three is more of a large-scale test that involves several hundred to several thousand patients. This phase of testing can last several years and provides pharmaceutical companies and the FDA with a more thorough understanding of a new drug or device.

Phase IV: The fourth and last phase of clinical trials happens after the drug or device has been approved for commercial sale. During this phase, the drug or device is compared to other drugs on the market, is monitored for long-term impact on patients and is determined whether it’s cost-effective.

Your site staff will follow up on all trial-related doctor’s visits and will be able to provide more detail throughout the process. All of the information gathered during a clinical trial is kept secure. Remember that clinical trials are completely voluntary, and you are free to leave at any time.

The staff at Banner Health are experts at conducting clinical trials and will help you through each step of the process. Give us a call for more information on the neurological clinical trials performed at Banner Health.