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Neurological Programs and Care

Everyone’s neurology journey is different. The experts at Banner Brain & Spine are here to provide advanced care and cutting-edge therapies for even the most complex neurological conditions. Whatever you’re facing, you can rest easy knowing the team at Banner Brain & Spine is focused on giving you first-rate neurological care.

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Clinical Trials

Banner’s neurological clinical trials allow you to participate in the latest medical innovations for a fast and safe way to find treatments and improve your health.

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Pain Management

Treat pain from a neurological condition or after surgery with Banner Brain & Spine’s pain management services.

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Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders can take a toll on your health and well-being. Our experts can help you get a better night’s rest by treating all types of disorders that can disrupt your sleep.

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Movement Disorders

Get compassionate and comprehensive care to help you manage movement disorders, like Parkinson’s disease or essential tremors.

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Spine conditions can be painful and debilitating. Our expert team is here to individually treat any spine condition and quickly get you the answers you need.

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We know headaches can disrupt your daily life. Banner Brain & Spine’s headache specialists treat a variety of pain that stems from migraines, cluster headaches and other medical conditions.

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Banner Brain & Spine provides the most advanced care for brain injuries caused by falls, major trauma, car accidents, seizure disorders, tumors and more.

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From emergency treatment through recovery, our award-winning neurovascular center provides the highest level of care to patients who have suffered a stroke.

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Back and Neck Pain

At Banner Brain & Spine, we offer a comprehensive spine program to help address back and neck pain. Our multidisciplinary team provides the best care and treatment possible to get you back to your everyday routine.

Learn more about our spine program and how we can help with neurological back and neck pain