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The experts at Banner Brain & Spine are here to help determine a diagnosis and care plan around neuropsychology. Our trusted health care professionals can help get you or your loved one back to everyday life.

What Is Neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology focuses on the mind and how the brain and the nervous system are connected and affect our daily behaviors. A neuropsychologist can help diagnose a behavioral or neurological condition.

What’s the Difference Between Neurology and Neuropsychology?

Neurology is the study of the brain and nervous system while neuropsychology is the study of the mind and how the brain works with behavior.

What is Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing is used to test how parts of the brain are working and can give more insight into how the brain functions including memory, attention and problem-solving skills. These tests are usually done with brain scans including an MRI or CT scan. Banner Brain & Spine provides neuropsychology exams and testing to help determine treatments for brain injuries and illnesses. Within these assessments, we look at memory and thinking, conduct testing before and after certain neurosurgeries and take the insights we’ve learned during this testing to help in the recovery period.

Neuropsychology Assessment and Evaluation

The experts at Banner Brain & Spine are here to help assess and treat neuropsychology conditions you or your loved ones may be experiencing. Upon conducting a neuropsychology evaluation, we can help treat conditions such as:

When it comes to treating these conditions, your doctor will look at intellectual functioning, academic functioning, adaptive functioning, personality, motor skills, focus and attention and more.

Once your testing and assessments are complete, your doctor will carefully look at all the information to determine treatment plans and care for the next steps.

Neuropsychology Treatment

When it comes to treatment, your neuropsychologist will take into account your interests and hobbies, as well as strengths and weaknesses to determine the best treatment option fit for you. Treatment options will also vary based on your diagnosis but may include cognitive rehabilitation therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and more.

Talk to your doctor about the next steps. Banner Brain & Spine professionals are here to help you or your loved one along this journey.