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What to Expect

If you are seeking help for chronic pain, the following will be helpful to you as you prepare to meet with a pain management specialist for the first time.

Before Your Appointment

Plan to bring the following items with you to your appointment:

  • All your medications – either the bottles or a list with current doses
  • Contact information for your other physicians
  • Your pharmacy’s contact information
  • Your medical records, surgical records and imaging results

During Your Appointment

Arrive early so you can fill out forms. When you’re with the pain management specialist, share as much information as possible. This will help him or her make an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. Also be prepared to take notes.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or get clarification if there’s something you don’t understand. Some questions you’ll want to ask are:

  • What are reasonable goals for treatment?
  • Are there medications I should take or avoid?
  • How can I keep myself free of further pain-related issues?

After Your Appointment

Take time to review everything you learned. If there’s anything you don’t understand or remember, be sure to call your doctor’s office.

During follow-up appointments, share how things are going. If you’re not seeing the results you expected, your doctor may adjust your treatment plan.