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WorkStrategies Program

Banner Physical Therapy's WorkStrategies® Program helps employers, case managers and insurers when it comes to hiring and educating employees on work and workplace safety.

What is the WorkStrategies Program?

Through our WorkStrategies® Program, our proven, comprehensive approach focuses on three key areas of work injuries and workers’ compensation:

  • Reducing the number of injuries that occur on your job site
  • Providing effective treatments for employees who are injured, including physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Getting your employees back to work faster

What Can I Expect from the WorkStrategies Program?

In addition to the three core strategies, our WorkStrategies program includes the following services:

  • Post-Offer Employment Testing: This test can help employers determine if an individual can perform any physical jobs to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Injury Prevention: This educational program helps safety professionals identify where musculoskeletal injuries can happen. This helps employers tailor educational programs to promote a safe working environment for onsite injury prevention.
  • Ergonomic Programs: Our ergonomic program evaluates a specific work environment and its usual tasks to identify any risk factors that could result in musculoskeletal dysfunction.
  • Customized Return-to-Work: This program is designed to provide therapeutic interventions and cost-effective treatments for work-related injuries.
  • Work Hardening and Conditioning: This program helps injured employees get back to work after an injury that takes longer to heal due to remaining functional deficits or deconditioning. 
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE): This evaluation measures strength, endurance, physical-demand work level and positional tolerance to define an injured employee’s physical capabilities after an injury.
  • OnSite Services: Our Onsite Services help educate employers and employees on work safety strategies in order to prevent injury.
  • Utilization Management System (UMS): The UMS services help combat the rising costs of workers’ compensation as evidence-based practice standards become more rigorous.
  • Fire Department and First Responder Services: We provide a variety of resources to keep firefighters, first responders and emergency medical service (EMS) workers safe and on the job.
  • Safe Patient Handling: Our Safe Patient Handling services educate nursing and residential care facilities on how to handle patients in order to reduce injuries for both parties.

The staff at Banner Physical Therapy is always ready to answer any questions you may have. Call us to get started with our WorkStrategies Program. 

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