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Whether you’re suffering from a neurological disease or a tumor, Banner Brain & Spine experts are ready to help get your life back to normal. Count on the team of neurologists and neurosurgeons at Banner today.

What Is Neurosurgery?

Neurosurgery is specific to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that occur in the nervous system including tumors, vascular conditions, brain or spine infection, stroke or degenerative diseases. Neurosurgeons specialize in neurosurgery and operate on the brain, spine or nerves in arms or legs.

Neurology Care at Banner Brain & Spine


Neuro Care at Banner

Neurology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the brain and nervous systems such as tremors, epilepsy, ALS, MS and nerve disorders. If you’re in need of neurological care, we’ll find your diagnosis and create a treatment plan that fits your needs.