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6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Gut Health Naturally
This year when it comes to being a happier, healthier you, go with your gut. Your gut doesn’t merely handle digestion or flutter with occasional butterfliers...
Apr 14
IBS or Tummy Trouble? A Low FODMAP Diet Could Help
Feeling gassy, bloated and uncomfortable again? We’ve all had that unsettling feeling in our stomach after eating something that just didn’t hit the spot....
Apr 08
What to Know About C. Diff, a Common (But Serious) Colon Infection
Did you recently have a hospital stay? Have you been taking antibiotics? And have you been getting severe diarrhea too? If you said “yes” to a few of these,...
Apr 04
Expert Advice to Prevent Gagging During an Endoscopy
Do you have a sensitive gag reflex? This sensitivity can lead to significant difficulties with swallowing pills and tolerating dental work and endoscopic...
Mar 03
Is My Child’s Tummy Pain Pancreatitis or Something Else?
It’s 2 a.m., and your little one is up. No, not for a nightmare or extra snuggles. Instead, they’re crying, doubled over with stomach pain, nausea and...
Feb 24
3 Grandes Motivos por los que tu SII Podría Estar Empeorando
Todo puede parecer un tanto misterioso cuando tienes síndrome de intestino irritable (SII, por sus siglas en español o IBS, por sus siglas en inglés)....
Jan 21
El Reflujo se Puede Agudizar durante las Fiestas; Aprende a Manejarlo
Podrías encontrar que es fácil controlar el reflujo (en inglés), o enfermedad por reflujo gastroesofágico (GERD, por sus siglas en inglés), durante la...
Dec 20
How a Simple Sitz Bath Can Relieve Your Genital or Anal Pain
If you have an injury to your perineum—the area between the anus and vulva (in women) or scrotum (in men)—a simple sitz bath could bring relief to the...
Dec 05
Stomach Cancer’s Most Obvious Warning Signs
Stomach cancer used to be common in the U.S. In fact, it was America’s leading cause of cancer death for much of the early 20th century. Now, though? It’s...
Nov 21
Is It Time to See an Expert for Your Child’s Tummy Trouble?
When your child suffers from stomach pain or digestive problems, it can be tough to figure out precisely what’s causing the trouble. “For some common issues,...
Sep 22