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Why Is There Blood in My Urine?
It’s rarely good news whenever blood makes an appearance. So, when you spot blood in your urine, it can be easy to feel panic creeping in. Although the...
Aug 29
A Lump Showed Up on Your Abdominal CT Scan. Now What?
Your doctor sends you for a CT scan to evaluate a health concern, and the scan turns up a completely unrelated finding—a nodule or lump on your adrenal...
Jun 30
What You Should Know If Your Kidneys Need Dialysis
Your kidneys are critical to your health. They are responsible for cleaning toxins from your blood and regulating how much salt and water you expel. If...
May 21
Kidney Infections & Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Treatment
If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI), it can be quite uncomfortable. While some UTIs can get better on their own, most of the time they don’t....
Dec 02
The Basics of Kidney Cancer
It seems that skin, prostate, breast, and lung cancer are all at the forefront of everyone’s minds because they are the most common types of cancer. But,...
May 05
Las principales preguntas que hacen los donantes vivos de riñón
A pesar de que hay innumerables formas de marcar la diferencia en la vida de los demás, pocas son tan profundas como tomar la decisión de ser un donante...
Apr 13
Tratamientos Para Los Cálculos Renales: Tus Opciones
Muchas personas sufren de cálculos renales (también conocidos como piedras en el riñón), pero pueden no saber qué tratamientos están disponibles. El doctor...
Sep 21 1
Kidney Stones: How To Avoid These Not-So-Precious Gems
Here’s a statistic from the National Kidney Foundation you may not know: more than half-a-million Americans visit the Emergency room each year due to problems...
Oct 07