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Should You Be Concerned About SCAD?
When you think of the profile of a typical person with heart problems, do you visualize an older person with multiple risk factors like obesity and diabetes,...
Jun 10
Will Acupuncture Treat My Chronic Pain?
Acupuncture has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years but has only gained steam in western countries like the United States...
Jun 08
Cushing’s Syndrome: What You Need to Know
Jun 06
What You Need to Know About Cleaning Your CPAP
If you’re one of the unlucky people with a sleep disorder, like sleep apnea, you’re likely familiar with a PAP machine, which stands for positive airway...
May 29
Cataracts: What You Need to Know
Research by the National Eye Institute (NEI) has found that more than half of all Americans age 80 or older either have cataracts or have had surgery to...
May 23
Act F.A.S.T.: Recognizing Signs of Stroke
Seeing someone experience a stroke can be very scary. You may feel powerless, but that’s actually the opposite of the truth - your fast action can be the...
May 10
Manteniendo a los Padres y a los Abuelos Seguros Durante el Distanciamiento Social
Hacerte cargo de tus hijos, el trabajo y las compras para la despensa pueden mantenerte ocupado mientras estás practicando el distanciamiento social debido...
Apr 18
Memory Loss: Is It Normal Aging Or Dementia?
We’ve all done it.  We can’t find our keys, wallet or phone.  We know someone’s name but just can’t recall it. We walk into a room and forget why we’re...
Feb 03
How To Have Difficult Conversations With Your Senior Parents
Have you noticed some changes in your parents recently? Maybe they’re having more “senior moments” than usual, or they’re having more difficulty with daily...
Dec 20
Winded Taking the Stairs? It Could be a Sign of IPF
Are you experiencing shortness of breath? Are you winded simply taking the stairs at home? Although feeling out of breath is normal during a high-intensity...
Dec 14