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What to Do When You Spot Worrisome Signs of Memory Problems
Memory problems can sneak up on you, and you might not notice early signs of them in yourself, your partner or your parent. That’s because memory changes often...
Jun 09
Could Removing Some Nerves Eliminate Your Arthritis Pain?
If you have osteoarthritis, you’ve probably tried the first-line treatments—pain medications, anti-inflammatory pills, creams and injections. They can...
May 31
The Benefits of Music on the Mind and Body of Older Adults
There’s no denying the power of music. It can make us smile or cry. It inspires us to dance and move. It connects us and is the soundtrack to many important...
May 25
How Companion Care Can Bring Safety and Socialization to Seniors
Sometimes, seniors need a little help. They might not need home care support for medical needs, but they could use someone to help them with their grocery...
May 18
Stress Can Overwhelm People with Alzheimer’s. Here’s How You Can Help
People with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias face a lot of stressors. They may struggle to remember things, try to cover up their memory problems,...
May 12
Age Spots or Skin Cancer? Here’s How to Tell the Difference
You look at the back of your hand, or your neck, or even your leg and there it is—a spot you’ve never seen before. Could it be skin cancer? Or is it a...
May 05
Your Joint Replacement Needs to Be Replaced. What Happens Next?
Maybe you had a knee replaced, and it’s starting to hurt when you go up or down stairs. Maybe it was your shoulder, and it bothers you when you take a...
May 01
Osteopenia: When You Have Weak Bones
Osteoporosis is often a condition associated with aging, but there’s another condition that you may not be aware of that can affect your bones as well....
Apr 20
¿La COVID-19 Aumenta Tu Riesgo de Accidente Cerebrovascular?
Si tú o alguien cercano a ti ha sufrido un accidente cerebrovascular (ACV, por sus siglas en español), sabes que puede ocurrir de repente y sin previo...
Apr 20
It’s Not Just Hips and Knees—Other Joints that Can Be Replaced
For lots of people with hip and knee pain, joint replacement gets them back on their feet and able to enjoy life. But hips and knees aren’t the only joints...
Apr 14