Long-term education and support are key to weight loss and maintaining your health. Our team of nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, bariatric surgeons and exercise specialists are here to answer your weight loss and bariatric surgery questions.

Life Changes with Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery can be an important journey to dramatic weight loss. It can also change your life in other ways as well, such as:

  • What and when you eat: We’ll support you with a registered dietician, a healthy eating plan and any supplements or vitamins you may need.
  • How you exercise: We’ll empower you to commit to a regular exercise routine that fits your lifestyle. We will help support you to find activities you actually enjoy doing, which means they will quickly become an enjoyable habit in your everyday life.
  • How you feel about yourself and your body: We provide emotional and behavioral health support as you need it. It is completely normal to experience emotion like confusion or anxiety as you embark on your new life.

Bariatric surgery is a lifetime investment and you are far from alone. Our compassionate team will guide you at every step of your weight loss journey to ensure your health and long-term success.

Bariatric Surgery Information Sessions

Your bariatric surgery journey will begin with one of our free information sessions.

Connect with our bariatric surgeons and team members and find out if surgical weight loss is the right choice for you. Our free information sessions are offered at Banner Estrella Weight Loss Center, Banner Gateway Weight Loss Center and Banner – University Medicine Metabolic and Bariatric Center.

Find a free information session near you.

Baritastic Weight Loss App

Baritastic is a weight loss app designed to help bariatric patients before and after surgery.

The app provides an easy way to log your food and water intact and keep you on track to achieve your weight loss goals. The app can even provide important reminders and display your progress.

Baritastic also gives you access to our in-person and online support group options. Talk to your provider for more information about the Baritastic app and the ways it can help you before and after bariatric surgery.

Support After Surgery

After bariatric surgery, it’s important to maintain healthy habits and lifestyle changes to continue to lose weight and keep the weight off. Our team offers ongoing support even after your first year after surgery.

We also offer bariatric support groups to provide you with an entire network of people who will act as a resource throughout your life. Learn more about bariatric support groups and find one that fits your needs.

If you do gain weight after bariatric surgery and are looking for support, our Back on Track program may be right for you. Learn more about our Back on Track program and how it can help reinvigorate your weight loss journey.

For additional bariatric support and resources, talk to your doctor today.