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Emily Dennis, RN

Emily“After graduation from NJC, I worked as a new graduate on the Medical/Surgical floor for 2.5 years before taking the position in the ICU. Our ICU is a 4-bed unit, and I like that it is a smaller unit because it allows me to build a better connection with my patients. I get to know patients on a more personal level and can take the time to do the little things that might make a difference during their stay. I enjoy the variety of different patients that are seen in the ICY. Every shift pushes me to use my critical thinking skills, and I grow and learn from every experience. Another thing I like about the ICU is getting to help patients through a hard time in their life and then se them progress to the point that they can move out of our unit and keep improving until discharge. 

Over the past two years, I have served on the Medication Safety Team. There are members from every department in the hospital, which helps being a collaborative approach to better patient care and safer medication administration. I have learned so much, and I always feel like my voice is heard. The best part of being a Banner employee is the feeling of being part of a family. I feel very valued and well supported in every aspect of my career.”

Emily Dennis, RN
Intensive Care Unit
Sterling Regional MedCenter, Sterling, CO