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Our Banner community is built on celebrating one another, both for our shared pursuit of patient care and for the diversity of our experiences and perspectives. Our Banner Health nurses all have a story to tell and each one weaves into the tapestry that creates our larger, stronger community. Our staff come from different backgrounds to work in the same space and provide commitment to caring for patients and their families. Our nurses are united as a community and dedicated to the same mission: helping patients and their families during their at Banner Health.

Noelle Trinder, MSN-Ed, RN, Director, Clinical Education and Professional Development

“Banner Health nurses are known for their compassion, their spirit of inquiry and their innovations in patient care, demonstrating repeatedly their dedication to making health care easier so life can be better. Our professional practice tenets of Contribution to Society, Contribution to Our Profession and Contribution to Our Patients sets Banner Health nurses apart. We lead change and advance health by inspiring passionate professional practice during every interaction.  As Banner Health nurses, our unwavering commitment to reaching new levels of excellence through advancements, improvements and innovations will leave a lasting legacy to be proud of.

I’m so very proud of each of our 15,000-plus nurses, working around the clock in every community we serve. I am honored to work with so many nursing heroes and their colleagues who find joy in providing world-class patient care.

I am privileged to be a nurse – I am proud to be a Banner Nurse.”

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