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Theresa Foster MS, RN

Theresa Foster“I started as a new graduate RN on the Neuro Med-Surg floor, was hired on, and spent five years on that unit. I also served as the Shared Leadership Chair for two years and a year in the RN manager role. I developed a passion for the neuro population (especially stroke patients) and 2.5 years ago wanted to challenge myself to learn the ICU side of neuro. I have been trained as both a Med Surg and ICU charge RN, and I currently serve as a pain champion for the Neuro ICU.

Banner values nurses' input and involvement. There are many ways to become involved in committees and projects within each unit that allow you to have an impact on the care your patients receive. Banner also provides opportunities for ongoing education and leadership, like becoming certified in a specific area or skill or becoming a preceptor or charge RN.

I am proud to be part of a hospital and program that is relentlessly improving and always striving to provide better care for patients. A fitting example of this is Banner – University Medical Center Tucson attaining Comprehensive Stroke status two years ago.”

Theresa Foster MS, RN
Neuro ICU
Banner – University Medical Center Tucson