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Theresa Reeves, RN

Theresa ReevesMy Banner journey began as a New Graduate Nurse in the Progressive Care Unit.  I worked nights in PCU for two years, where I progressed from a new graduate to a charge nurse.  After PCU, I transferred to the nursing office and was a full-time Senior Manager of the House for two years.  I learned a great deal in the nursing office, which helped prepare me for my current role as Associate Director of the West Surgical Unit.

In my current role, one of my main goals is to ensure my staff knows that I am one of the team.  I spend as much time as possible on the floor rounding on patients and staff to ensure they all have what they need.  As a leader, I want to help my team grow to their full potential, and I often push them to try new skills or duties to recognize their strengths. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of watching the West Surgical team grow to become an amazing group, and I enjoy watching them support each other through the good times and rough moments.

The West Surgical Unit is capable of caring for any post-operative patient, and the staff is passionate about patient safety and comfort.  West Surgical is truly a great place to work and a great place to receive care.

Theresa Reeves, RN
Associate Director, Surgical
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