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Melanoma Myths & Facts
From an early age, we’re often taught about the importance of protecting our skin when we’re out in the sun. We learn to lather on sunscreen, wear a hat...
Jun 13
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7 Things You Should Know About Well-Woman Visits
So, you’re supposed to visit a gynecologist once a year, right? But, what exactly happens during that well-woman visit? Don’t let the fear of the unknown...
May 21 1
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Drug-Free Approaches To Managing Pain During Labor & Delivery
If you’re welcoming a new baby into your family soon, you are probably busy putting the finishing touches on your nursery, making sure you have lots of...
May 13
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What You Need To Know About Rosacea
Almost 16 million Americans are affected by rosacea, a very common skin disease, but most of them don’t know it, according to the National Rosacea Society....
Apr 26
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Is It Time To Talk To Your Doctor About Colorectal Cancer?
What do Audrey Hepburn, Ronald Reagan and Sharon Osbourne all have in common? All have fought a battle with colorectal cancer. To increase awareness of...
Apr 11
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Understanding Your Cholesterol
High cholesterol is bad and low cholesterol is good…right? Although this statement is not entirely false, there is a little bit more to it than that. Understanding...
Feb 20
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You Just Received A High Blood Pressure Reading, Now What?
You’re probably fairly used to the process of getting your blood pressure checked on virtually every visit to your doctor’s office. You sit down in a chair,...
Feb 15 1
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Learn To Practice Self-Love
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! You’re greeted by pink and red hearts and candy galore in stores everywhere. While we often take this time...
Feb 01
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How To Stick To Your Resolution Of Maintaining A Healthier Lifestyle
It’s the time of year where you may be starting to feel the pain of keeping up your New Year’s resolutions. For example, a lot of us try to commit to starting...
Jan 29
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Want To Avoid The Cold & Flu? Don’t Make These Mistakes…
There’s nothing worse than feeling like everyone around you is getting sick and that you are bound to be the next victim of the cold or flu. If your goal...
Jan 08
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