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20-Somethings: A Detailed Guide to Getting Your Own Health Insurance
If you’re a young adult, you may be lucky enough to have health insurance coverage through a parent. But once you turn 26, you’ll need to transition to...
Dec 07
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Overactive Bladder? How Electrical Stimulation Could Help
If you have an overactive bladder, the symptoms can be annoying, inconvenient and embarrassing. You may feel the need to urinate frequently or feel such...
Dec 06
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How to Prepare Yourself and Your Household Before Sickness Strikes
You don’t want to discover you’re out of tissues, decongestants or pain medication when a respiratory infection or stomach bug strikes your family. And...
Dec 04
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A Detailed Guide to Preventing and Treating Golfer’s Elbow
Any time you repeat the same motion over and over, you put yourself at risk for an overuse injury. When you play golf, swinging the club could cause golfer’s...
Dec 02
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You Think You’re Venting, but You Might Be Trauma Dumping
Maybe when you’re talking to a new colleague, you overshare details about a fight with your partner. Perhaps a friend mentions a health struggle, and you...
Dec 01
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What Are My Alternatives to Colonoscopy to Screen for Colon Cancer?
Getting screened for colorectal cancer is crucial—colon cancer usually grows slowly and is often treatable when caught early. Colonoscopy is the leading...
Nov 29
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How Family-Based Therapy Can Help Treat Eating Disorders
Eating disorders can be one of the most challenging and heartbreaking mental health problems to treat. These conditions typically start between age 12...
Nov 25
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How a Device in Your Mouth Could Treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea
If you snore, it’s not just a problem for your bed partner. Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, which is a serious health condition. The gold standard...
Nov 23
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Surprising Info You Might Not Know About Blood Transfusions
If you’ve never needed a blood transfusion, you may not know much about them, beyond what you’ve seen in the movies or on TV. People realized centuries...
Nov 22
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Here’s Why Your Belly Feels Bloated, and What to Do About It
You probably know the feeling. Your clothes feel tight around the waist, and you look like you gained 10 pounds in your last meal. You’re bloated and uncomfortable....
Nov 20
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Stephanie Thurrott

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