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5 Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy When You Have Diabetes
If you have diabetes, you must take good care of your feet. That’s because diabetes can cause nerve damage where you lose feeling in your feet. Without...
Oct 06
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Can Certain Foods Increase Stress and Anxiety?
When you get stressed or anxious, do you reach for something salty or sweet, or do you lace up and go for a walk or run? For many who feel stressed or...
Sep 21
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What You Should Know About Quercetin
Let’s talk about quercetin. Maybe you’ve heard it mentioned in discussions about cancer or COVID-19.  This natural ingredient can help your overall health....
Sep 09
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Should You Be Concerned About Your Heart Palpitations?
Your body is like a tiny orchestra with a hundred musicians playing in perfect harmony. It’s a beautiful performance, but all it takes is one flat violinist...
Jul 28
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What to Know About Treating Prostate Cancer with Hormone Deprivation
For a lot of men with prostate cancer, an important treatment option to consider is something called androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). I. Alex Bowman,...
Jun 29
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Walk Your Way to Better Health with These Tips
During any given day we walk. We walk to the kitchen for coffee. We walk the dog. We may even walk to work. But did you know that doing this simple act...
Jun 24
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Heart Disease, Stroke and Peripheral Artery Disease: What’s the Link?
Inside your body, a similar problem can strike in different areas. Heart disease affects your heart. Stroke affects your brain. And peripheral artery disease...
Jun 14
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Have COVID-19? You Could Be Eligible for Monoclonal Antibody Treatment
If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 and you’re at high risk for developing a severe case, you could qualify for monoclonal antibody treatment (mAb). Monoclonal...
Jun 09
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Why You’re Never Too Young to Have a Stroke
Stroke is usually thought of as something that happens in older people, but that doesn’t mean adults in their 20s, 30s or 40s are too young either. In...
May 18
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Swim, Swim, Swim for Your Joints and Heart
“No Pain, No Gain!” Exercise culture is full of popular maxims that inspire, motivate… and sometimes hurt you. If you are returning from every jog with...
May 10