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Aphantasia: Understanding the Mind’s Blind Spots
Close your eyes and try to picture your favorite food, animal or even a loved one’s face. Can you see it in your mind, clear and crisp as day? Or is your...
April 11
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These Common Symptoms Could Be Signs You Have a Thyroid Condition
Nestled in the front of your neck, between your voice box (larynx) and your windpipe (trachea), is a small gland about two inches wide and one inch tall....
March 27
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Understanding Lightheadedness: Could It Be Hypotension?
Maybe you stand up too quickly or you haven’t eaten in a while and suddenly you feel off balance or dizzy. You’re lightheaded. Sometimes, lightheadedness...
March 07
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Navigating Neurological Side Effects During Cancer Treatment
When you’re coping with cancer, your health care providers will recommend treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy. These powerful treatments...
March 04
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Understanding Metabolic Syndrome and Your Health
In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to overlook the subtle signs our bodies send us. Feeling more tired lately, noticing a bit of extra...
February 15
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10 Tips for Bonding With Your Baby Before Birth
You’ve reached the grand finale of your pregnancy: the third trimester! On one hand, your excitement levels might be at an all-time high as you get closer...
February 07
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Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad for Your Health?
Who doesn’t love sweet treats? We all do! But sometimes too much sugar in cakes, cookies and beverages can bring some not-so-fun health problems. That’s...
February 05
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Why You Need Potassium and Where to Find It
Potassium is often overshadowed by more famous minerals, like calcium and iron, but it’s just as important for your overall health.  Your body needs potassium...
January 28
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Pay Attention to These Early Signs of Heart Disease
Your heart is the MVP (most valuable player) of your body. It is constantly working hard to keep you in the game of life. But sometimes it sends out distress...
January 15
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Weather-Related Headaches: Coping With Barometric Pressure Changes
For a lot of people, an approaching storm can be an annoyance. It might mean commutes grow longer, windows need to be closed and parties or sports games...
January 11