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Supporting Your Teen’s Development – Ages 13 to 17
Your child is growing up. It seems like yesterday they were learning to walk and talk. Now your teen is inching toward adulthood and the door to be out...
Jun 19
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First Mammogram? Here Are 10 Facts to Ease Your Fears
Anxiety is a common reason (and strong motivator) for people to hold off from doing something, but don’t let it stop you from getting your first mammogram. You...
May 12
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Liquid Biopsy May Change the Way We Treat Cancer
Blood tests have long told us a lot about what’s going on in our bodies—from whether we have certain conditions like diabetes to whether our organs, like...
Jan 27
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Three Women, Three Final Treatments, Three Survivors
Ring this bell three times well. Its toll to clearly say. My treatment’s done, This course is run, And I am on my way! Three women. Three final treatments....
Nov 11
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Avoid Swelling: 5 Tips to Prevent Lymphedema
If you’ve undergone lymph node removal surgery or other cancer treatments like radiation, it’s important to know about the risk for swelling called lymphedema....
Oct 24
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Three Things to Know About Cording (Axillary Web Syndrome)
You’ve recently completed breast cancer surgery, so you’ve undoubtedly been through a lot. In the weeks following your surgery, you may have some pain....
Oct 22
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Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Get the Facts About Diagnosis and Treatment
The term “breast cancer” makes it sound as if all cancers that strike the breast are the same. But that’s an oversimplification. The truth is, there are...
Feb 27
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You’re Cancer-Free! Now What?
From the very start, dealing with cancer can feel like riding a rollercoaster with many twists, turns and ups and downs. So, when the ride finally comes...
Jan 15
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Dr. Rosso Talks Breast Cancer: Chapter 4, What to Expect During Your Mammogram?
Is it time for your first screening mammogram? Kelly Rosso, MD, a breast surgical oncologist at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center gives us a first-hand...
Oct 30
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Dr. Rosso Talks Breast Cancer: Chapter 3, Does Exercise Lower Your Risk?
Did you know exercise can help decrease your risk of breast cancer? Kelly Rosso, MD, a breast surgical oncologist at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center discusses...
Oct 29