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Should I Have a Whipple Procedure? Here’s What to Know
Unless you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you’ve probably never heard of the Whipple. The word “Whipple” seems playful...
Feb 28
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Top Ways to Help When a Loved One Has Cancer (Plus, What Not to Do)
When someone you love shares the news that they have cancer, you may initially feel shocked. Your thoughts may turn to concern about your family member...
Feb 25
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How to Manage Your Own Risk When There’s Cancer in Your Family
Cancer screenings can help find cancer at earlier, more treatable stages, so getting screened on schedule is important for your health. But what does “on...
Feb 05
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How to Use Supplements During Cancer Treatment
Navigating a cancer diagnosis and making critical decisions about your health may be overwhelming. When considering ways to help boost your immunity and...
Jan 23
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Recovering Your Sex Life After Breast Cancer
Breast cancer can affect a person in many ways. It can take your energy, your hair, your breasts, your sense of self and your plans for the future.  After...
Dec 23
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What Are My Alternatives to Colonoscopy to Screen for Colon Cancer?
Getting screened for colorectal cancer is crucial—colon cancer usually grows slowly and is often treatable when caught early. Colonoscopy is the leading...
Nov 29
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40 Helpful Gifts for Someone During Cancer Treatment
Gifts are a meaningful way to let the special people in your life know you care. It’s natural to want to present someone with the “perfect gift.” However,...
Nov 22
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Busting 7 Myths About Lung Cancer
Although lung cancer is the second most common cancer and the leading cause of cancer death worldwide, there are still many myths about the disease. Lung...
Oct 30
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What Does It Mean to Have Dense Breasts?
No two breasts are alike – even on the same person. Breasts come in varying shapes, sizes and even locations (gravity and age aren’t kind to breasts)....
Sep 28
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What to Know About Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer
If you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer, you may worry about the side effects you might face from treatment. You’ve probably heard that, because of the...
Sep 16