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The Important Role Plastic Surgery Plays in Cancer Treatment & Recovery
When it comes to plastic surgery, we often think about breast implants and other cosmetic treatments. But did you know plastic surgery plays an integral...
Feb 09
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Jesse Parker: An Inspiration On and Off the Field
As a history teacher and a football coach, Jesse Parker was an inspiration to countless young people both in his classrooms and on his teams. And it wasn’t...
Jan 29
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You’re Cancer-Free! Now What?
From the very start, dealing with cancer can feel like riding a rollercoaster with many twists, turns and ups and down. So, when the ride finally comes...
Jan 15
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Dream Wedding at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
As nurses recently admired 22-year-old cancer patient Samantha Preston’s engagement ring, an incredible idea suddenly grabbed everyone’s attention. Preston’s...
Dec 10
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Uterine Cancer: One Symptom You Shouldn’t Ignore
No one knows your body better than you do. Since puberty, you’ve learned to recognize the typical changes your body goes through and certain health issues...
Nov 30
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Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer: Is There a Connection?
Pancreatic cancer and diabetes both involve that little tiny pear-shaped gland in your body called the pancreas. The pancreas plays an integral role in...
Nov 24
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Yes, Cancer Patients Need the Flu Shot Too
 Cancer patients know – everything looks different after you get your diagnosis. No matter the severity or type of cancer, the shock that comes with the...
Nov 21
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Are You Getting Too Many Cancer Screenings? Advice for Older Adults
For middle-aged and older adults, each year can feel as if it comes with a new set of medical tests, appointments and precautions. As we age, our likelihood...
Nov 14
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Demystifying Pancreatic Cancer: 5 Things You Should Know
The recent loss of Alex Trebek to pancreatic cancer has brought a renewed and increased awareness to the disease. Pancreatic cancer accounts for 7% of...
Nov 12
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Look Out for These Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States. Nearly, 200,000 men are diagnosed every year. Thanks to research and innovation,...
Nov 06