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How Cancer Treatment Can Affect Your Bones and Joints
If you’re being treated for cancer, you probably know about some of the common side effects, like fatigue from chemotherapy, skin irritation from radiation...
June 27
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What to Know About Skin Cancer if You Have Dark Skin
It’s a common misconception that people who have darker skin don’t need sun protection and don’t get  skin cancer. The truth is the connection between...
June 23
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Nitrates and Nitrites in Foods: Should You Step Away From the Bacon?
If you follow nutrition headlines at all, you may get mixed messages about nitrates and nitrites. Some seem to have health benefits — in fact, you can...
May 27
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Cancer: Understanding Remission, Cancer-Free and Other Terms
As you make progress in your cancer journey, you may hear health care providers use terms like remission, cancer-free and no evidence of disease. These...
April 19
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Unveiling the Unseen: 7 Surprising Factors Contributing to Skin Cancer
You’ve heard it over and over again — cover up, wear a hat and use sunscreen to protect your skin from skin cancer. Maybe you’ve heard it so often that...
March 31
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Navigating Intimacy: A Guide for Couples During and After Cancer Treatment
If you’re diagnosed with cancer, you face one of life’s most challenging situations. As you’re dealing with treatment or its after effects and the emotional...
March 22
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Smart Sunscreen Strategies: Easy Tips for Everyday Protection
You’ve been hearing about how important sunscreen is for years. You’re rubbing in a lotion or gel on your skin, spraying sunscreen on your kids at the...
March 14
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Navigating Neurological Side Effects During Cancer Treatment
When you’re coping with cancer, your health care providers will recommend treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy. These powerful treatments...
March 04
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Before Your First Chemotherapy Treatment: Here's What to Expect
You’ve probably watched friends and loved ones go through it. You’ve seen it referenced in movies and television. You’ve walked, run or worn colors or...
February 23
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The Important Role of Plastic Surgery in Cancer Treatment and Recovery
Cancer and cancer treatment can affect your body in many ways. Beyond the noticeable physical changes, it can also impact your self-esteem, body image...
January 31