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Follow These 5 Steps to Treat a Dog Bite
Even in a dog-friendly world, things can get unfriendly once in a while. If you or your child have a run-in with a scared or aggressive dog, Jasjot Johar,...
Nov 23
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6 Common Contagious Childhood Conditions
Kids, we love them. But man, if they aren’t a breeding ground for germs and sickness. With cooler weather and many kids back in school, it’s only normal...
Nov 16
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Teen Dating: 4 Tips for Parents
It’s happened. You thought the day would never come, but here it is: our teenager is going on their first date. While they may be bursting at the seams...
Nov 05
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Get These Vaccinations Before Cuddling a Newborn
Diapers: ✓ Car seat: ✓ Crib: ✓ Vaccines and Boosters: ? While you’ve anxiously been getting ready for the arrival of your baby, you might have forgotten...
Nov 04
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Help Your High-Achieving Teen Manage the Pressures of High School
While high school has long been a place for teens to learn, grow, develop and prepare for their future, today it’s also become a pressure cooker, and some...
Nov 01
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Rashes on Children: When Should I Worry?
Childhood rashes are common, but that doesn’t mean they don’t freak you out any less as a parent. While most rashes do get better on their own, you may...
Oct 31
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Are You Ready to Jump Back into Sports?
Have you ever woken up from a long nap, not knowing where you are, what time or even what day it is? Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been living...
Oct 11
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Could Your Young Athlete Need a Heart Screening after COVID-19?
Parents of youth athletes have a lot on their minds. “Have they eaten? Did I wash their uniform? What time is practice? Tie your shoes!” In case that wasn’t...
Oct 08
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Virtual Learning: 4 Ways to Support Your Child’s Social-Emotional Development
As parents, you know the critical role social and emotional learning plays in your child’s overall success. Sure, learning reading, writing and arithmetic...
Sep 26
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Birth to Five Years: Knowing Your Child’s Developmental Milestones
From the moment your baby first enters the world, they are ready to learn. In fact, one of the most crucial time periods in a child’s development and learning...
Sep 22