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Dating Violence: How to Protect Yourself or Your Teen
Let’s be honest, no relationship is “perfect.” Every relationship is complex and may have its ups and downs. Some are healthy, some are not, and some are...
Feb 03
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What Parents Should Know About the Germs That Cause Scarlet Fever
One hundred years ago, author Margery Williams wrote the children’s book The Velveteen Rabbit. In the story, the main character, a young boy, gets sick...
Jan 29
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Does Your Child Need Medical Care or Can You Treat Them at Home?
As a parent, you can try to prepare for just about everything you think you’ll face with your child. But figuring out whether to treat your child at home...
Jan 27
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Parent’s Guide for Taking Newborn Temperatures
As a parent, there’s nothing more precious than your child. If you suspect your little one is running a fever, it can be worrisome — especially if they’re...
Jan 20
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5 Tips to Make Your Child’s Hospital Stay Easier
Hospital stays can be stressful for everyone. However, when it’s your child, it can add a whole other layer of uncertainty and fear. We never expect our...
Jan 03
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What to Do If Your Child Swallows Something
Children are curious little humans. In their earliest years of life, their five senses are on high alert. They explore their world by touching everything—even...
Dec 30
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Coffee, Soda and Energy Drinks: Is Caffeine Bad for Kids?
For all of us java lovers, coffee is life. For what is life without that jolt of caffeine in your veins to kickstart your day? With your ‘Bucks, Dunkin’,...
Dec 29
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What Parents Should Know About Avulsion Fractures in Young Athletes
Most of the time, if you fracture a bone, it’s because of a fall or trauma. Or if you over-exercise, you can get a stress fracture. But there’s another...
Dec 19
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How to Wean Your Baby Off the Pacifier (Two Approaches)
They go by many names like binky, dummy, lovey, paci and soothie, but there’s nothing quite like the pacifier. Parents worldwide have used soothing devices...
Dec 16
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How to Spot the Top Warning Signs of Secondary Drowning
You probably think of drowning as something that happens when you’re submerged in water. That’s true in most cases of drowning. But there’s another type...
Dec 15