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After Childhood Cancer: What to Expect When Treatment is Over
The news your child has completed cancer treatment can bring a wide range of emotions—from exhilaration and relief to anxiety and fear. While this a time...
May 27
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Winning Tips for Preventing Little League Elbow in Young Pitchers
If your child is a baseball pitcher, it’s important to take steps to prevent Little League elbow. Little League elbow strikes children and adolescents...
May 27
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Myocarditis and COVID-19: What Parents Should Know
Ryan loves to play basketball. When he tested positive for COVID-19, he and his parents thought he would just do the mandatory quarantine, then he’d get...
May 25
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Baby Poop: What’s Normal and What’s Not?
Everyone poops, but your baby’s poop is particularly fascinating—especially in the first few months of life. You haven’t changed enough diapers, if you...
May 23
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How to Help a Child Cope When a Sibling Has Cancer
When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it can affect every member of the family. It can be especially difficult for siblings. “Brothers and sisters of...
May 15
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Tips and Tricks for Cleaning a Baby or Toddler’s Nose
Nasal congestion—no matter your age—isn’t comfortable. It can make breathing difficult, your head feel foggy and even your throat scratchy. As adults,...
May 13
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Know the Glow: Your Eyes Can Detect a Rare Childhood Cancer
Nowadays our smartphone cameras are on hand for every one of our children’s firsts—from rolling over and walking to first words and first days of school....
May 06
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First Period: What Products Does Your Tween/Teen Really Need
You’ve had the birds and bees and puberty conversations, gotten shaving down, purchased her first bras and now the countdown begins to your daughter’s...
May 03
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Does My Baby Have Acid Reflux or Pyloric Stenosis?
Spitting up is common in healthy babies. It’s why we have bibs and burp cloths, right? But what if your baby isn’t just spitting up—they’re projectile...
May 02
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Use These 4 Proven Strategies to Help Teens Learn Accountability
If you have an adolescent in your life, you’ve probably heard them say, “It’s not my fault!” more than once. And maybe you’ve snapped back, “Of course...
Apr 21