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Do I Really Need an Antibiotic?
If you are a battling a cold and a sore throat, chances are you want relief ASAP. Nothing seems to help, and you are running out of patience—not to mention,...
Dec 17
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Is This Berry a Miracle Cold and Flu Treatment?
If you’ve spent any time on social media recently, you’ve likely scrolled past the internet’s trendiest cold and flu treatment: elderberry. Served as syrups,...
Dec 16
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Home with the Flu? Try These Helpful Remedies.
Chills, body aches, fatigue, runny nose or congestion, cough, sore throat and possibly headache and nausea or vomiting. These are all symptoms of the flu....
Dec 09
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Should You Use Antivirals For The Flu?
The flu is hitting hard, and you may have friends or family who are getting sick. Your best protection against catching the flu is a flu vaccine. Although...
Nov 05
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How To Treat Your Child's Flu Symptoms
Flu season is here again and so are colds. Just one cough or sniffle might be enough for parents to start wondering if their kids are about to erupt into...
Nov 02
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All You Need To Know About Neti Pot Safety
Occasionally, a doctor may recommend using a neti pot to help with allergies, sinus infections or congestion. A neti pot is a small tea-pot shaped vessel...
Mar 20
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How To Safely Help Kids Manage A Nasty Cough
Parents agree just how miserable cold and flu season can be when their child is sick. And, when the cough kicks in, parents logically look for ways to...
Feb 26
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How To Recognize And Treat A Sinus Infection
Have you ever wondered what your sinuses do for you other than getting stuffed up when you have a cold? You may think the sinus cavities, located near...
Feb 20
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Feeling Miserable: Is It A Cold Or The Flu?
Let’s say you went to bed one night feeling pretty good. Maybe a little tired, but it was a long day at work. When you wake up the next morning, you’ve...
Jan 30 2
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Want To Avoid The Cold & Flu? Don’t Make These Mistakes…
There’s nothing worse than feeling like everyone around you is getting sick and that you are bound to be the next victim of the cold or flu. If your goal...
Jan 08