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Handwashing 101: Why Clean Hands Save Lives
When it comes to personal hygiene and staying healthy, it starts and ends with our hands. Unwashed hands are one of the quickest ways to spread germs and...
June 25
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Nasal Rinses and Neti Pots: Are They Safe?
Little teapots are no longer just for a spot of tea. Teapots with long spouts, commonly known as neti pots, have become fixtures in many homes to flush...
June 09
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How to Recognize and Treat a Sinus Infection (Sinusitis)
There is nothing quite like a sinus infection. The pressure. The pain. Your face and head hurt.  Even your teeth hurt. What gives? Sinus infections, or...
December 16
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Is Elderberry a Miracle Treatment for Nasty Cold and Flu Symptoms?
Every fall and winter, when colds and flu start to spread, you see trendy treatment ideas popping up on the internet and in social media. One of the popular...
November 07
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7 Ways to Help Keep Your Family Healthy This Winter
Ah, winter. The time of year when you light some candles in the dark evenings, embrace your fleece sweaters and fuzzy socks and cook up pots of chili or...
November 04
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What to Know About Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
As much as we love them, our little ones tend to be germ magnets. Once they start going to daycare and school with other germ magnets, illnesses tend to...
November 01
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Treat Your Child’s Flu Symptoms at Home
Uh oh! Your little one is running a high fever. It’s influenza season, so could your child have the flu? Or could it possibly be COVID-19 or another cold?  The...
October 24
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Do I Really Need an Antibiotic?
Do your stuffed-up nose, headache and sore throat have you down for the count?  When you’re sick, chances are you want relief — and ASAP. You’re not sure...
October 21
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Do I Have a Cold or the Flu? How to Tell the Difference
You went to bed feeling a little run-down but chalked it up to a tough week at work. Then hours later, you wake up shivering, feverish and achy. Clearly,...
October 05
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What’s the Difference Between a Cold and Allergies?
On your way home from work, you notice you have a pounding headache and a stuffy nose. You also feel a bit run down. Something is clearly settling in,...
September 27