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How to Relieve Ear Pressure When Your Ears Are Plugged Up
If you’ve ever flown on a plane, driven through the mountains or been sick with a head cold, chances are you’ve dealt with the uncomfortable plugged-up...
Jul 15
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What the Color of Your Snot Tells You About Your Health
It’s OK to admit it. Raise your hand if you’ve taken a peek at a used tissue after blowing your nose. As gross as this may be to admit, plenty of people...
Jun 02 2
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Is a Human Parainfluenza Virus Giving You a Cough and Sniffles?
COVID-19 and the flu aren’t the only viruses around causing us to feel miserable. If you or your child has a case of the sniffles, another common culprit...
Apr 01
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The Reasons Your Lymph Nodes Get Swollen Sometimes
You have lymph nodes throughout your body—they’re in your neck, armpits, chest, belly and groin area. Sometimes they get swollen. You might notice a lump...
Jan 10
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How to Choose the Best Medication to Treat Your Cold or Flu
You feel the telltale cold or flu symptoms coming on—maybe it’s a cough, runny nose, sneezing and stuffy head. You will want to choose the best medication...
Nov 19
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How to Know Whether It’s a Virus or Bacteria That’s Making You Sick
Here’s the problem with diagnosing and treating viral and bacterial infections—symptoms can look similar, but treatments are different. For example, say...
Nov 15
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Post-Flu Recovery Tips and Questions Answered
If you recently caught the flu (influenza), chances are the symptoms really knocked you down for the count. The fever, chills, sore throat, cough and body...
Nov 04
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Why Flu Shots Matter When You Have Heart Disease
Here’s an important stat that you’ve probably never heard: about half of adults hospitalized with the flu also have heart disease. Yes, heart problems...
Oct 15
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These 5 Steps Can Help Parents Prevent Reye’s Syndrome in Children
If you’re a parent, your pediatrician may have warned you not to give your child aspirin. But why? There’s a link between aspirin and Reye’s syndrome,...
Oct 04
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COVID-19 and the Flu: Know the Symptoms
COVID-19 is still here and, unfortunately, flu season is also on its way. It’s not possible to definitively predict what will happen in the weeks and months...
Sep 10