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Don’t Fall for These 8 Common Myths About Concussions
It’s crucial to understand the truth about concussions. These mild traumatic brain injuries are dangerous and knowing the symptoms and when to seek medical...
June 09
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How to Tell Whether a Bump on the Head Is Serious
Bob Saget’s tragic death drives home the danger of brain injuries. After a bump or blow to the head, it’s essential to know what to do and what to watch...
March 04
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How to Pick the Right Helmet for the Right Sport or Activity
They may look goofy, be a little hot and mess up your hairdo, but there are many solid reasons why you should wear a helmet when you’re out on the football...
July 20
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Is My Child’s Sport A Concussion Risk?
If you’re the parent of a child in sports, your ears likely perk up whenever you hear a story about kids and concussions on the news. But how much do you...
February 25
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What Parents Of Youth Athletes Should Know About Concussion
As a parent of a child in contact sports, it’s important for you to be prepared if your child suffers a head injury during play.  An estimated 1.6 to 3.8...
January 15
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How Technology Helps To Find Concussions Quickly
Imagine your child playing a game of tag with some of her neighborhood pals. She turns a corner and runs head first into one of her friends. After a few...
June 27
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The Surprising Brain Test Athletes May Not Know About
Experts have long discussed the ramifications of concussions, but with the NFL adopting a more aggressive concussion protocol, mild traumatic brain injury...
January 29
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Should I Wear A Helmet Skiing And Snowboarding?
Believe it or not, in the last 10 years, there has been an average of 40 deaths each year from skiing and snowboarding accidents. Of those, less than 20...
February 09