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What You Should Know About Your Risk for Guillain-Barré Syndrome
From diabetes to vitamin deficiencies to infections, a lot of different conditions can cause numbness, tingling or weakness in your feet or legs. A rare...
Jul 20
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Have COVID-19? You Could Be Eligible for Monoclonal Antibody Treatment
COVID-19 cases are dropping across the nation, but for many people, there’s still a high risk of getting infected. If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 and...
Jun 09
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Tips for Thriving in the 'New Normal' Workplace
When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it sent most office workers scurrying home. What we thought might be a few weeks of working from our bedrooms and dining...
Jun 07
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Myocarditis and COVID-19: What Parents Should Know
Ryan loves to play basketball. When he tested positive for COVID-19, he and his parents thought he would just do the mandatory quarantine, then he’d get...
May 25
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3 Ways to Get Your Health Back on Track after the Pandemic
Let’s face it. You might be a little bit heavier than you were when the pandemic started. Your healthy eating habits might have stalled in the past year....
May 19
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Dysgeusia: What to Do When You Lose Your Sense of Taste
Lately, we’ve heard a lot in the news about losing your sense of taste. That’s because dysgeusia—the medical condition where you can’t taste, or you can’t...
Apr 30
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Does COVID-19 Increase Your Risk of Stroke?
If you or someone close to you has experienced a stroke, you know that they can happen suddenly and with little warning. Understanding the risk factors...
Apr 20
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Beaches and BBQs: Planning for a Safe, Vaccinated Summer
By now, you’ve probably heard President Biden’s prediction that by July 4th, we should be able to gather in small groups again. After more than a year...
Apr 13
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Why Your Teen Should Get the COVID-19 Vaccine
U  pdated May 19, 2021: The content of this article has been updated to reflect recent changes to the EAU authorization for the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19...
Apr 07
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How is the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Different?
With a third vaccine now available in the U.S., you may be wondering what makes it different from the others and which one you should get. Johnson & Johnson’s...
Mar 05