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Eating Disorders: Maintaining Balance During the Pandemic
The uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked fears over health and food scarcity for everyone, but it has been especially triggering for those...
Oct 25
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What You Need to Know About Your Blood Oxygen Level
Before 2020, you probably didn’t think much about your blood oxygen levels. Maybe there was a time you got sick or needed surgery, and a health professional...
Oct 22
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Should I Be Worried About Pneumonia?
When you hear “pneumonia,” what comes to mind? Cold weather, flu season and violent coughing? Maybe this year, the coronavirus? To better understand the...
Oct 18
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Recovering from COVID-19? Here Are 5 Exercises You Can Do at Home
For some, social distancing in 2020 has been a chance to chase bigger, faster and more intense outdoor exercise goals. Others have taken time that would...
Oct 12
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Could Your Young Athlete Need a Heart Screening after COVID-19?
Parents of youth athletes have a lot on their minds. “Have they eaten? Did I wash their uniform? What time is practice? Tie your shoes!” In case that wasn’t...
Oct 08
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Roll On! 5 Tips to Stay Safe on Your New Roller Skates
They say fashion is cyclical, and they must be right. Macramé is hanging on walls, keyboard players are rock stars again, and just about every 1980’s movie...
Oct 07
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7 Ways to Have a Happy (and Safe) Halloween During COVID-19
So many of us have been anticipating October. Right about this time, there begins to be a bit of a nip in the air. The leaves begin to fall. And we dust...
Oct 01
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Caregiving for Your Kids and Parents – At the Same Time!
They call it the “Sandwich Generation” – the generation of people currently responsible for caring for children at home AND aging parents in need of care....
Sep 30
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How Is Flu Season Different During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
2020 has put into question every aspect of our daily routine and put “stay healthy” at the top of everyone’s to-do list. Our lives are different, in ways...
Sep 16
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Pandemic Fatigue: How to Manage COVID-19 Burnout
Another day, another day-in-the-life of COVID-19. Every morning when you turn on the news or scroll social media, there’s more uncertainty and disheartening...
Sep 13