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Why Am I a Mosquito Magnet? The Real Buzz Behind the Bite
Summer is the season of backyard barbeques, relaxing on the beach and the ongoing saga of being the designated mosquito magnet. As the temperatures rise...
May 28
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Creating a Sun-Safe Family Culture: 4 Strategies for Parents
When you think back to your childhood, there probably wasn’t as much emphasis on protecting your skin from the sun as there is today.  Your parents might...
May 20
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Choosing the Right Sun Protection for Your Skin Type
Sunscreen is important for everyone. But when it comes to choosing a sunscreen, your skin tone can make a difference. You want the right type of sunscreen...
April 26
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Oops! Did You Scratch Off a Mole? Here’s How to Handle It
Moles, those small, often brown spots that dot our skin, have been a subject of fascination and concern for many people. One common fear (and myth) is...
April 19
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Unveiling the Unseen: 7 Surprising Factors Contributing to Skin Cancer
You’ve heard it over and over again — cover up, wear a hat and use sunscreen to protect your skin from skin cancer. Maybe you’ve heard it so often that...
March 31
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Traction Alopecia: Your Hair’s Silent Cry for Help
Tugging, pulling and yanking are actions we often think of when it comes to getting a grip on something — be it a jar lid or an annoying knot in our shoelaces.  But...
March 24
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Smart Sunscreen Strategies: Easy Tips for Everyday Protection
You’ve been hearing about how important sunscreen is for years. You’re rubbing in a lotion or gel on your skin, spraying sunscreen on your kids at the...
March 14
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6 Reasons Your Breasts Might Itch and What to Do to Get Relief
If you’ve ever had to deal with itchy breasts, you know how uncomfortable it can be. There may be times when you feel awkward or embarrassed about scratching...
March 06
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Why Are My Feet Itchy? Common Causes and Treatment
Scratching an itch on the skin is a normal and natural response. It’s your body’s way of telling you something is bothering you.  The medical term for...
January 12
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How the Right Treatment Can Help with Disfiguring Burn Scars
If you have a burn injury, you’re well aware of how painful it can be and how hard it can be to recover. Burns can cause uncomfortable scars, restrict...
January 01