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Unveiling the Unseen: 7 Surprising Factors Contributing to Skin Cancer
You’ve heard it over and over again — cover up, wear a hat and use sunscreen to protect your skin from skin cancer. Maybe you’ve heard it so often that...
March 31
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Traction Alopecia: Your Hair’s Silent Cry for Help
Tugging, pulling and yanking are actions we often think of when it comes to getting a grip on something — be it a jar lid or an annoying knot in our shoelaces.  But...
March 24
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Smart Sunscreen Strategies: Easy Tips for Everyday Protection
You’ve been hearing about how important sunscreen is for years. You’re rubbing in a lotion or gel on your skin, spraying sunscreen on your kids at the...
March 14
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6 Reasons Your Breasts Might Itch and What to Do to Get Relief
If you’ve ever had to deal with itchy breasts, you know how uncomfortable it can be. There may be times when you feel awkward or embarrassed about scratching...
March 06
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Why Are My Feet Itchy? Common Causes and Treatment
Scratching an itch on the skin is a normal and natural response. It’s your body’s way of telling you something is bothering you.  The medical term for...
January 12
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How the Right Treatment Can Help with Disfiguring Burn Scars
If you have a burn injury, you’re well aware of how painful it can be and how hard it can be to recover. Burns can cause uncomfortable scars, restrict...
January 01
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Here’s How to Safely Remove Skin Tags
Have you ever noticed a small, soft growth on your skin that seems to dangle from the surface like a tiny, deflated balloon? Chances are, you have a skin...
December 01
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Should I Let My Teenager Get a Tattoo? Tips for Parents
The teenage years are a stage for kids to figure out who they are, often by rebelling and showing their uniqueness. It’s common for your teen to use different...
November 03
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12 Top Reasons Your Cheeks Get Flushed and Hot
There are lots of things that can make your cheeks hot or flushed, and if your face gets red, you may want to know why and what you can do about it. Most...
August 30
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If You Have Psoriasis, Watch Out for These Drugs That Can Trigger Flares
If you have psoriasis, you know how important it is to keep the condition under control. The autoimmune disease causes flares of dry, itchy, scaly patches...
July 30