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How to Prevent and Treat Those Pesky Styes on Your Eyelids
If you have a red, painful bump on your eyelid that looks and feels like a pimple, it might be a stye. Styes are little red lumps that develop on the edge...
March 31
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Why You Should Never Sleep with Your Contact Lenses In
If your vision isn’t perfect, you might hate that moment when you wake up in the morning. As you open your eyes, everything is fuzzy or blurry, and the...
March 20
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Six Effective Eye Care Tips to Protect Your Child’s Vision
Your child’s vision is an essential source of information about the world around them. Healthy vision is critical to their social development, school success...
March 13
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Rubbing Your Eyes Can Be Harmful. Here’s What to Do Instead
When your eyes are dry, itchy or irritated, rubbing them can feel so good. Unfortunately, even though rubbing can bring temporary relief, it can cause...
February 26
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That Little Pouch or Bump on Your Eyelid Could Be a Papilloma
Anytime you notice a change around your eye, you might worry about whether it might affect your appearance or even your vision. If you develop something...
July 29
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What an Optometrist Would Like You to Know About Blue-Light Glasses
If you have trouble sleeping or experience eyestrain, you might blame blue light, and you might be considering buying glasses that can filter it out. But...
February 11
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Red Eyes: The Most Common Causes and Treatments
Pet allergies, pollen, a day at a sandy beach … There are lots of possible causes for red eyes. If you’re having a hard time pinpointing why your eyes...
January 18
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These 4 Tips That Can Help You Cope with Low Vision
There’s a good chance you don’t have 20/20 uncorrected vision—182 million Americans use glasses or contact lenses to correct their eyesight, according...
November 10
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Got Something in Your Eye? Relief Is Only a Blink Away
Eyes are powerful — and powerfully sensitive. If you’ve ever gotten something stuck in your eye, then you know just how sensitive they can be. Even common...
September 27
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Glaucoma: How You Can Protect Your Eyesight
Here’s the scary thing about glaucoma. You might not know you have it until you’ve lost a lot of your peripheral vision, and maybe even some of your central...
August 19