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A Guide to Post-Sport Nutrition for Former Athletes
There comes a time in almost every competitive athlete’s life when they must step back from competition or retire altogether. Whether it’s an injury, aging,...
February 13
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Rucking? What to Know About This Cardio Strength Workout
If you served in the military, the term “ruck” is nothing new to you. Also called hump or forced march, it’s about getting your gear from point A to point...
January 21
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Ten Ways to Treat and Relieve Pain of Bursitis
Have you ever experienced a nagging pain in your shoulders, hips, elbows or knees that won’t seem to quit? Chances are, you might be dealing with bursitis. Bursitis...
January 10
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Why and How You Should Be Strengthening Your Hands and Wrists
Have you ever struggled to open a jar of pickles? Is it tough to grip a heavy bag of groceries? Or do your wrists hurt after a long day at the computer,...
December 12
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Little Ways to Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season
The holiday season isn’t all twinkling lights and cheerful gatherings. Many people feel lots of stress and anxiety around the holidays due to changes in...
December 07
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Chair Yoga: Gentle Exercises for Seniors with Limited Mobility
If you’re not as mobile as you used to be, you may think yoga isn’t for you. After all, in traditional yoga, you move between standing, sitting and lying...
November 17
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What Happens to Your Body When Your Glute Muscles Are Weak?
There’s a set of muscles that your body relies on for balance, support and everyday activities like standing, walking and sitting. They bring strength...
November 05
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Stepping Up Your Health: The Benefits to Your Body of Walking in Place
Maybe you have every intention of getting more physical activity, but it just doesn’t seem to work with your schedule or your life. It could be that it’s...
October 02
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How Flexibility and Mobility Help You Stay Strong and Healthy for Life
As a child, you probably moved your body effortlessly. You sprawled on the floor to watch TV and hopped up when you wanted a snack. You reached overhead...
September 15
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Celebrating Non-Scale Victories: A Journey Beyond Weight Loss
After bariatric surgery, your eyes may be glued to the scale. Weight loss can become the primary focus for many people trying to lose weight, especially...
September 15