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Five Reasons Why Your Core Is So Important
When you think about having a strong core, it may conjure up images of people with chiseled, rock-hard abs. While this can be a motivating goal, having...
Oct 16
Better Me
7 Common Shoe Mistakes That Could Be Crushing Your Feet
From your $2 flip-flops to your $150 stilettos or running shoes, not all shoes are created equal—no matter the price or brand name. If you’ve ever peeled...
Sep 28
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Let’s Talk About ‘Fatty Heart’ — And If You Should Be Worried
The human heart is a fascinating, powerful organ. Doctors and scientists are learning more about it with each passing day — and in turn, so are the rest...
Sep 23
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What’s Best for Your Fitness, Static or Dynamic Stretching?
You’ve probably had a physical education teacher, coach or trainer tell you stretching is important. But why, exactly? Is it really a big deal if you’re...
Sep 11
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What Does My Body Mass Index (BMI) Tell Me About My Health?
Pear, apple, hourglass, triangle or oval. As humans, we come in lots of shapes (fruits!) and sizes. And often, it can reveal quite a bit about our health—but...
Aug 21
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Heat Warning! Summer Safety Tips for Seniors
It’s another sunny day and you’re getting ready for an afternoon hike. But too much of a good thing can be dangerous. In these hot summer months, you start...
Aug 05
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How to Strengthen Your Muscles with Resistance Bands
Resistance bands get a bad rap. Athletes tend to overlook them. You hardly ever see resistance bands in gyms, maybe because people think you need to lift...
Aug 03
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How to Pick the Right Helmet for the Right Sport or Activity
They may look goofy, be a little hot and mess up your hairdo, but there are many solid reasons why you should wear a helmet when you’re out on the football...
Jul 20
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8 Tips to Engage Your Kids in Your Workouts
Most of us acknowledge the benefits of exercise, but for busy parents, it can seem near impossible to do when you’re keeping up with all your other responsibilities....
Jul 10
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How to Keep Your Muscles Strong as You Get Older
You see how people slow down as they get older. They walk cautiously. They struggle to get up from a chair. They look at a flight of stairs with trepidation....
Jul 04