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Stepping Up Your Health: The Benefits to Your Body of Walking in Place
Maybe you have every intention of getting more physical activity, but it just doesn’t seem to work with your schedule or your life. It could be that it’s...
October 02
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How Flexibility and Mobility Help You Stay Strong and Healthy for Life
As a child, you probably moved your body effortlessly. You sprawled on the floor to watch TV and hopped up when you wanted a snack. You reached overhead...
September 15
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Celebrating Non-Scale Victories: A Journey Beyond Weight Loss
After bariatric surgery, your eyes may be glued to the scale. Weight loss can become the primary focus for many people trying to lose weight, especially...
September 15
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The Right Way to Start Exercising After a Heart Attack
Exercise is always important for your heart health and your overall well-being. And that’s especially true after you’ve had a heart attack. However, starting...
September 14
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7 Health Benefits You Can Gain When You Start to Play Pickleball
If you’re an older adult, it can seem like you’re spotting pickleball everywhere you turn. There are courts around the corner, your friends are joining...
September 04
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Should You Follow Fitness Influencers? Tips for Finding a Reliable One
Back in the day (pre-social media), when you wanted to get into shape or build muscle, you may have turned to a trained expert at your local gym or read...
August 08
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How Cardiac Rehab Could Improve Your Health and Extend Your Life
Maybe you had a heart attack, heart valve repair or even a heart transplant. Along with your heart problem, when you were hospitalized, it’s likely your...
July 14
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Can Ankle Exostectomy Help Treat Ankle Arthritis?
Your feet and ankles provide support and balance every time you take a step. But for some people, it’s hard to put their best feet – and ankles – forward...
April 24
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Dry Needling or Acupuncture: Which Treatment Is Right for You?
Does the word “needle” make you want to run for the hills? You aren’t alone. Whether it be a blood draw or shots and immunizations, most experiences that...
February 10
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6 Exercise Tips to Keep You Moving in Cold Weather
When many of the leaves have fallen and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, getting outside for exercise can be hard — even for the hard-core enthusiast.  Cold...
February 03