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How to Pick the Right Helmet for the Right Sport or Activity
They may look goofy, be a little hot and mess up your hairdo, but there are many solid reasons why you should wear a helmet when you’re out on the football...
Jul 20
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8 Tips to Engage Your Kids in Your Workouts
Most of us acknowledge the benefits of exercise, but for busy parents, it can seem near impossible to do when you’re keeping up with all your other responsibilities....
Jul 10
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How to Keep Your Muscles Strong as You Get Older
You see how people slow down as they get older. They walk cautiously. They struggle to get up from a chair. They look at a flight of stairs with trepidation....
Jul 04
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Do Your Feet Under or Overpronate? Here’s How to Tell
Our feet are amazing appendages. Whenever we walk or run, 52 bones in our feet (that’s 25% of all the bones in our bodies!) are put to work—performing...
Jul 02
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Walk Your Way to Better Health with These Tips
During any given day we walk. We walk to the kitchen for coffee. We walk the dog. We may even walk to work. But did you know that doing this simple act...
Jun 24
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Is My Child at Risk for Osgood Schlatter Disease?
If your teen is complaining about sore knees after basketball practice, they’re not alone. In fact, Osgood Schlatter Disease (OSD) is an extremely common...
Jun 22
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Should I Be Scared of Bees & Wasps?
Summertime means a few things – your kids are home from school, you spend more time in a swimsuit than in jeans and popsicles are disappearing from your...
Jun 12
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5 Tips and 5 Snacks for the Perfect Pre-Workout
We’re all working out for different reasons. Whether you’re burning calories, getting stronger, playing sports or just enjoying the grind, your body needs...
Jun 01
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Shoulder Instability: Getting Back into the Swing of Things
Whether you are an athlete or not, a lot hinges on your shoulder (get it!?). Jokes aside, you’ll have a hard time lifting a barbell, not to mention picking...
May 26
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Swim, Swim, Swim for Your Joints and Heart
“No Pain, No Gain!” Exercise culture is full of popular maxims that inspire, motivate… and sometimes hurt you. If you are returning from every jog with...
May 10