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What Counts as Weight-Bearing Exercise to Strengthen Your Bones?
If you’re walking, cycling or swimming regularly, good for you! You’re taking steps to keep your heart and joints healthy and to care for your mental health....
May 19
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How To Prevent Dehydration From Crushing Your Workout
You’ve got all you need to crush your run: a good pair of running shoes, comfortable athletic wear and an epic iTunes playlist. Unfortunately, the one...
Apr 26
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How Hydrotherapy Can Ease Your Pain and Speed Healing After Injuries
Hydrotherapy is form of physical therapy that’s performed in water. It is an excellent way for you to gain the benefits of exercise without putting a lot...
Mar 16
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6 Ways Growing Your Own Fruits and Veggies Boosts Your Health
If you’re looking for a feel-good way to improve your physical and mental health, consider gardening. “From building your social connections to strengthening...
Mar 15
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10 Do’s and Don’ts of Foot Care for Walkers and Runners
From the time our feet hit the floor in the morning to the time we get into bed at night, our feet take a beating. As a walker or runner, we ask a lot...
Mar 08
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How and Why Your Health Improves When Your Doctor Prescribes Exercise
It’s surely no surprise to you that exercise is good for your health. But maybe you’re struggling to stick with a workout routine. Perhaps you don’t have...
Feb 27
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3 Reasons to Wake Up Your Workout With Activation Exercises
If you’d like to get better results from your workouts and lower your risk of injury, you might want to incorporate activation exercises into your routine. “Activation...
Feb 21
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Taping Your Knee for Stability vs. Pain — What’s the Difference?
Over a lifetime, our knees really take a beating. And for those who regularly take part in running or other high-impact exercises, knee problems can be...
Dec 16
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6 Tips for Managing Holiday Meals with Diabetes
When you have diabetes, the holiday season feels like a carbohydrate minefield. Pecan pie, rolls, fudge, candied yams, stuffing — the list goes on and...
Nov 17
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10 Healthy Thanksgiving Activities for Family & Friends
Thanksgiving is a special time to offer thanks and gratitude, and it’s also a time where many of us put our healthy diets on hold and splurge. I mean,...
Nov 09