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Is Your Stomach Pain A Gallbladder Attack?
At one time or another, we have all experienced an upset stomach or tummy ache, whether it’s the stomach bug or overindulging on rich foods. Often, it’s...
Jan 07
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What Your Poop Is Telling You
The human body is an amazing machine, but admittedly, it can do some gross things. For example, bowel movements. Nasty, right? However, it’s a part of...
May 23
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Promoting Good Gut Bacteria To Boost Your Health
It’s no surprise that our guts play a major role in how we feel from day to day. If we eat a balanced diet, we most likely feel well, have energy and don’t...
Mar 07
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A Fire In Your Belly: How To Extinguish GERD
By Nicole Hahn, Registered Dietician, Banner–University Medical Center Phoenix ‘Tis the season for peppermint lattes, libations and merriment, and treats...
Dec 17
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Do You Scream At Ice Cream?
During National Ice Cream Month, not everyone screams FOR ice cream. Lactose intolerance, a digestive disorder that can occur at any age1, affects about...
Jul 23