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For Seniors: A Checklist for Good Health
Staying healthy is important at any age, but for seniors, it is even more important for living a long, happy and active life. Here is a quick checklist...
Oct 18
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Why Flu Shots Matter When You Have Heart Disease
Here’s an important stat that you’ve probably never heard: about half of adults hospitalized with the flu also have heart disease. Yes, heart problems...
Oct 15
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Is Nighttime Mouth Breathing Affecting Your Health?
Our bodies don’t have off buttons, which means a lot can happen while we sleep. Although you may not remember it in the morning, you could feel the effects...
Oct 03
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Let’s Talk About ‘Fatty Heart’ — And If You Should Be Worried
The human heart is a fascinating, powerful organ. Doctors and scientists are learning more about it with each passing day — and in turn, so are the rest...
Sep 23
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Infective Endocarditis: A Dangerous, Hard-to-Diagnose Condition
Most of the time, your heart’s valves and lining stay healthy and free of infection. But they can sometimes develop infective endocarditis. The disease...
Aug 23
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8 Ways to Improve Your Health After a Heart Attack
If you’ve had a heart attack, you may feel like your life as you know it is over. But a heart attack can also motivate you to make the lifestyle changes...
Aug 08
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Should You Be Concerned About Your Heart Palpitations?
Your body is like a tiny orchestra with a hundred musicians playing in perfect harmony. It’s a beautiful performance, but all it takes is one flat violinist...
Jul 28
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Walk Your Way to Better Health with These Tips
During any given day we walk. We walk to the kitchen for coffee. We walk the dog. We may even walk to work. But did you know that doing this simple act...
Jun 24
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Heart Disease, Stroke and Peripheral Artery Disease: What’s the Link?
Inside your body, a similar problem can strike in different areas. Heart disease affects your heart. Stroke affects your brain. And peripheral artery disease...
Jun 14
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Are Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids Risky to Take Long-Term?
Is there anything better than crawling into bed after a full day? Your body craves sleep. But it seems as soon as you pull the covers up, your mind immediately...
May 26