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The Benefits of Music on the Mind and Body of Older Adults
There’s no denying the power of music. It can make us smile or cry. It inspires us to dance and move. It connects us and is the soundtrack to many important...
May 25
Podcasts, Bedside Stories
Bedside Stories: Let Them Know
A hospice music therapist and a 37-year-old Phoenix woman with terminal cancer spent four months creating deeply personal music, as a legacy for the patient...
Jan 27
Advise Me
Hospice: A Guide to End-of-Life Care
Death. No one likes to talk about it – or even think about it. It’s much easier to table that thought and discussion for another day or time. Inevitably,...
Jun 21
Better Me
Navigating Grief After a Sudden Death
A husband suddenly loses his wife due to complications from COVID-19. A parent gets the call her son has died in a car accident. Another is told a friend...
Apr 07
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The Importance Of Advance Care Planning
Advance care planning sounds like some new-fangled treatment you can get from your doctor. However, it’s a collection of important decisions you need to...
Apr 16
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Home For The Holidays
“Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays,” Perry Como belted out in one of my favorite holiday songs. With millions of people expected to travel...
Dec 15