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Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Skip the Cancer-Fighting HPV Vaccine
Most parents choose to have their children vaccinated against measles, polio, meningitis and other diseases that can be prevented with childhood immunizations....
Jan 16
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What Does Your Body Temperature Tell You About Your Health?
You might have heard that normal body temperature is 98.6°F. But that’s not entirely true. “Normal adult body temperature ranges from 97°F to 99°F,” said...
Jan 11
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The Reasons Your Lymph Nodes Get Swollen Sometimes
You have lymph nodes throughout your body—they’re in your neck, armpits, chest, belly and groin area. Sometimes they get swollen. You might notice a lump...
Jan 10
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How to Choose the Best Medication to Treat Your Cold or Flu
You feel the telltale cold or flu symptoms coming on—maybe it’s a cough, runny nose, sneezing and stuffy head. You will want to choose the best medication...
Nov 19
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How to Know Whether It’s a Virus or Bacteria That’s Making You Sick
Here’s the problem with diagnosing and treating viral and bacterial infections—symptoms can look similar, but treatments are different. For example, say...
Nov 15
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How to Avoid the Deadly Disease that Could Be Lurking in Your Water
In 1976, a mysterious strain of pneumonia swept through a group of people who attended an American Legion convention in Philadelphia. Almost 200 people...
Nov 02
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What an Expert Wants You to Know About At-Home Health Tests
These days, if you don’t want to go to a lab to leave a urine sample or have blood drawn, you don’t have to. You can test yourself at home for a wide range...
Oct 29
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Think You Have a Penicillin Allergy? Maybe Not, According to an Expert
A lot of people think they are allergic to penicillin, but they aren’t. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10 percent...
Sep 22
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What is MRSA? Five Things You Need to Know
Pro football players, college wrestlers and active-duty military are some of the strongest, most physically fit people in the world, yet even they’re not...
Sep 18
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COVID-19 and the Flu: Know the Symptoms
COVID-19 is still here and, unfortunately, flu season is also on its way. It’s not possible to definitively predict what will happen in the weeks and months...
Sep 10