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Preventing and Treating the Curved Back of Kyphosis (Dowager’s Hump)
You’ve probably seen older people who always seem hunched over, with a rounded back and shoulders that pull forward. This condition is called kyphosis....
July 06
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How to Prevent and Treat Painful Ingrown Hairs
When you shave, your razor cuts your hair at an angle and leaves a sharp edge. So that pointy little hair can work its way back into your skin. That’s...
June 06
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These Common Symptoms Could Be Signs You Have a Thyroid Condition
Nestled in the front of your neck, between your voice box (larynx) and your windpipe (trachea), is a small gland about two inches wide and one inch tall....
March 27
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What Men Should Know About Nitric Oxide Supplements
Many men want to stay as healthy as they can, and they look for ways to keep their hearts strong, their energy levels high and their bodies performing...
March 08
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Why Do My Testicles Hurt? Causes and Treatment of Testicular Pain
Life throws its fair share of aches and pains. Muscle pain, back pain, sports injuries, stomach issues – you name it. But when it comes to your nether...
February 14
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The Unexpected Ways Being in Love Can Be Good for Your Health
You probably know it feels good to have strong, healthy relationships with a partner and other loved ones. Love can be a powerful force in our lives. But...
February 11
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Pay Attention to These Early Signs of Heart Disease
Your heart is the MVP (most valuable player) of your body. It is constantly working hard to keep you in the game of life. But sometimes it sends out distress...
January 15
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Black and African American People Are at Greater Risk for Colon Cancer
Although colorectal cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed and most preventable cancers, it does not affect all people equally. While there’s been...
December 29
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Why Are My Nipples Sore? 7 Causes of Male Nipple Pain
Do your nipples hurt? It’s not uncommon for women to experience sore nipples during periods, pregnancy and breastfeeding. But men can also face nipple...
November 14
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Men Can Get Breast Cancer, Too. Here’s What to Watch For
There’s no arguing that breast cancer awareness is making a difference in the diagnosis and treatment against the disease. But between the sea of pink...
October 20