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12 Top Reasons Your Cheeks Get Flushed and Hot
There are lots of things that can make your cheeks hot or flushed, and if your face gets red, you may want to know why and what you can do about it. Most...
August 30
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Myths and Facts About Low Testosterone (Low T) in Men
If you watch sports, you’ve probably seen advertisements for low testosterone or low T supplements. The ads promise to boost your sex drive, increase muscle...
August 23
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How Men Handle Grief Differently Compared to Women
No two people will grieve in the same way. Even people facing a similar experience—like siblings grieving the loss of their parent—will process their emotions...
July 19
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Handwashing 101: Why Clean Hands Save Lives
When it comes to personal hygiene and staying healthy, it starts and ends with our hands. Unwashed hands are one of the quickest ways to spread germs and...
June 25
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Should I Get a Vasectomy? Five Myths Debunked
Permanent birth control isn’t a decision that only affects cisgender women. It is equally a concern for cisgender men, transgender and gender-expansive...
June 13
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I Have an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), Now What?
No one wants to get a sexually transmitted infection (STI), but it happens more often than you think. More than half of all people will get an STI at some...
June 12
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Guys, Here's When You Need to Have a Urology Exam and What to Expect
Men have a reputation for steering clear of the doctor’s office, and they can be extra hesitant about scheduling an appointment for a problem “down there.”...
May 31
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The Benefits and Dangers of Pedicures at Salons
What’s not to love about a spa pedicure? The warm bubbly water jets, the chair massage and freshly manicured toenails. It’s no wonder why millions of Americans...
April 13
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Five Conditions That Affect Women More Than Men
Just as prostate cancer can affect anyone with a prostate, ovarian and cervical cancers can affect anyone with ovaries and a cervix. People with these...
April 12
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New Baby? Seven Sleep Tips for Exhausted Parents
You probably heard someone say to you, “Enjoy your sleep while you can,” at some point before your baby arrived into this world. Now that your newborn...
March 30