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Is My Child’s Sport A Concussion Risk?
If you’re the parent of a child in sports, your ears likely perk up whenever you hear a story about kids and concussions on the news. But how much do you...
Feb 25
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What Parents Of Youth Athletes Should Know About Concussion
As a parent of a child in contact sports, it’s important for you to be prepared if your child suffers a head injury during play.  An estimated 1.6 to 3.8...
Jan 15
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Still Feeling Tired Years After Having Mono?
It’s one of the most common viruses in the world, and it has that unique name: Epstein-Barr virus (EVB). Even though it’s so common, many people don’t...
Dec 11
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Restoring Neck Mobility With M6-C Implant
A new implant recently approved by the FDA provides a noninvasive alternative to disc fusions, which allows patients to eliminate what's typically excruciating...
Nov 18
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How Technology Helps To Find Concussions Quickly
Imagine your child playing a game of tag with some of her neighborhood pals. She turns a corner and runs head first into one of her friends. After a few...
Jun 27
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Stroke Prevention
The recent passing of 52-year-old celebrity Luke Perry gained quite a bit of media attention, with the conversation leaning particularly towards the cause...
Apr 08
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The Surprising Brain Test Athletes May Not Know About
Experts have long discussed the ramifications of concussions, but with the NFL adopting a more aggressive concussion protocol, mild traumatic brain injury...
Jan 29
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Top Five Things To Know About Parkinson’s Disease
While Michael J. Fox may be one of the most well-known and famous faces of Parkinson’s disease, it’s not a disease that is easily understood. Moreover,...
Oct 19 1
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Stroke Survivor Aims To Inspire Others To Think FAST
Terri Cunningham knew what a stroke looked like. She saw her mother suffer two strokes. Her grandmother died from a cerebral hemorrhage. She knew the common...
May 27 1
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Ask The Expert: Dehydration In Dementia Patients
Question: It’s hot where I live, but my loved one with Alzheimer’s refuses to drink water. Should I be worried? How can I get her to drink more? Answer:...
Apr 05 1