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What’s the Link Between Caffeine and Headaches?
Figuring out the connection between caffeine and headaches can be tricky. You might notice that you end up with a headache when you overdo it on Starbucks...
May 16
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Surviving A Stroke: Wyoming Patient Tells Her Story
Sandie and Glen Stellpflug have spent all 56 years of their marriage living on a rural ranch outside of Guernsey, WY. In the spring of 2023, they spent...
May 08
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Women and Stroke: Know Your Risk and Warning Signs
When it comes to health concerns, strokes might not always be top of mind for many women. Yet, strokes are a significant health risk for women.    Here’s...
April 29
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Aphantasia: Understanding the Mind’s Blind Spots
Close your eyes and try to picture your favorite food, animal or even a loved one’s face. Can you see it in your mind, clear and crisp as day? Or is your...
April 11
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Supporting Your Teen with Epilepsy: A Guide for Parents
Your child has reached their teen years when they naturally seek more freedom and independence. But as they’re going through adolescence, for some teens...
March 22
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Navigating Recovery After a Brain Injury: A Guide for Patients
Whether you have a mild concussion from a sports collision or a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a car accident, a brain injury will make an impact on...
March 18
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Headache Diary: How Tracking Your Symptoms Can Improve Treatment
When a headache strikes, it might seem like it comes out of nowhere. Whether the pain starts suddenly or you feel it building up, it can be tough to figure...
March 08
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Navigating Neurological Side Effects During Cancer Treatment
When you’re coping with cancer, your health care providers will recommend treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy. These powerful treatments...
March 04
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Weather-Related Headaches: Coping With Barometric Pressure Changes
For a lot of people, an approaching storm can be an annoyance. It might mean commutes grow longer, windows need to be closed and parties or sports games...
January 11
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Enhancing Quality of Life: Practical Tips for Maintaining Independence with Huntington’s Disease
Just about everyone wants to be independent and enjoy their lives. But people with Huntington’s disease can struggle to do the things they want to do on...
November 22