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How to Tell if Sciatica Is Triggering the Pain in Your Back
If you have pain that runs from your lower back through your buttock, down your leg and into your ankle or foot, it could be sciatica. Sciatica is a medical...
Sep 13
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What Your Headache Location Can Tell You
We’ve all had a splitting headache at one time or another, whether it was due to the drinks you had the night before, stress or the tree blooming outside...
Aug 27
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Coping with Emotional and Mental Changes After a Stroke
As a stroke survivor, you’ve faced some major life changes—some physical but also mental. Dealing with these changes can be hard and even downright frustrating...
Jul 31
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What You Should Know About Your Risk for Guillain-Barré Syndrome
From diabetes to vitamin deficiencies to infections, a lot of different conditions can cause numbness, tingling or weakness in your feet or legs. A rare...
Jul 20
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The Best Ways to Prevent Wear and Tear on Your Spine
Sometimes, it seems like just about anything you do can trigger back pain. Picking up a child, unloading the dishwasher, or even sleeping in the wrong...
Jul 13
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Is It Restless Leg Syndrome or Peripheral Neuropathy—Or Both?
Does leg discomfort have you pacing your bedroom at night? Or do you experience burning and tingling in your legs and feet during long car trips or air...
Jun 25
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Heart Disease, Stroke and Peripheral Artery Disease: What’s the Link?
Inside your body, a similar problem can strike in different areas. Heart disease affects your heart. Stroke affects your brain. And peripheral artery disease...
Jun 14
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Myth or Fact: Can CBD Oil Help Your Child?
From online dispensaries to health food stores and even some retail pharmacies like CVS, cannabidiol, better known as CBD, can be found just about everywhere...
Jun 13
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Why You’re Never Too Young to Have a Stroke
Stroke is usually thought of as something that happens in older people, but that doesn’t mean adults in their 20s, 30s or 40s are too young either. In...
May 18
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5 Reasons Why Your Spine Loves Yoga
As kids, we were indestructible. We fell over all the time, but we bounced right back up every time. Watching your kids today, you may long for your more...
May 04