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Try These Treatment Options If Your Back Surgery Fails
Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is a difficult diagnosis to deal with. If you’ve had surgery to treat your back pain, you were surely hoping it would...
September 22
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How Flexibility and Mobility Help You Stay Strong and Healthy for Life
As a child, you probably moved your body effortlessly. You sprawled on the floor to watch TV and hopped up when you wanted a snack. You reached overhead...
September 15
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Slipping Rib Syndrome: Understanding This Rare Condition
Slipping rib syndrome is a rare and unusual condition—in fact, it’s often mistaken for other health problems. People with slipping rib syndrome have pain...
August 27
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These 17 Exercises Can Help Keep Your Shoulders Strong and Healthy
When your shoulders are healthy and strong, you might take them for granted. It’s effortless for you to play golf or tennis, at least as far as your shoulders...
August 20
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Try These 4 Stretches to Help Relieve Your Sciatic Pain
Sciatic pain can be so overwhelming that you don’t even want to think about moving. But stretches and gentle movement can help get your pain under control....
July 20
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6 Possible Reasons Your Elbow Keeps Popping or Clicking
Have you ever experienced a popping, cracking or locking sensation in your elbow? It can be strange and a bit alarming, especially if it happens repeatedly.  But...
July 07
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These 6 Tips Can Help You Beat Back Pain
If you’ve ever suffered a back injury, you may quickly realized how much you rely on a strong, healthy back to do just about anything. And back injuries...
June 21
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10 Questions to Ask Before Spine Surgery
A lot of times, you can treat your back or neck problems with medication, heat, ice or physical therapy, and you don’t need to have surgery. But sometimes,...
June 16
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Why Physical Therapy Is Important for Long-Term Health
When your body isn’t moving as it should, you are recovering from an injury or shooting pains interrupt your daily life, your health care provider may...
May 26
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10 Causes of Foot Pain at Night and Treatment Tips
Crawling into bed at the end of a long day is one of the best feelings. That is until foot pain keeps you tossing and turning all night. “Foot pain at...
May 14