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8 Tips for Maintaining Strong Hips at Every Age
Like Shakira’s iconic lyrics suggest, our hips truly don’t lie. They are the silent heroes supporting us every step, sway and stretch. Whether in your...
May 24
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Crush Your Fitness Goals, Not Your Wrists: Tips for Injury Prevention
When it comes to staying active, you take steps to protect your body. You warm up, watch your form and gear up to keep your knees, elbows and head safe....
May 08
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Broken Bones in Children: How to Tell When It’s More Than a Bump
We’ve all experienced that heart-stopping moment when your child’s laughter turns to tears – whether it’s a tumble off the monkey bars or a collision during...
April 25
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Sore Heels? Here’s What You Need to Know for Pain-Free Feet
Heel pain can be a real pain in the … well, heel! Whether you’re an avid runner, spend long hours on your feet or love walking around barefoot, heel pain...
April 22
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Bouncing Back From Shin Splints: Tips for Relief and Prevention
Do you find yourself skipping exercise lately because of aches in your shins? If you do, you’re not alone. Shin splints can be a real buzzkill for athletes,...
March 28
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The Causes and Treatments for Your Child’s Heel Pain
Have you noticed your child wincing or limping due to heel pain? It’s a common concern many parents face, especially as their child has growth spurts and...
March 10
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Happy Feet: Finding Relief for Morton’s Neuroma
Have you ever felt a sharp or burning pain in the ball of your foot? Or maybe it seems like there is a small rock or pebble in your shoe, even when there...
March 01
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A Guide to Post-Surgery Mental Recovery in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Maybe you’re a baseball pitcher who needs Tommy John surgery, a soccer player with an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear or a basketball player with...
February 19
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Crafting Comfortable Study Spaces for Students to Ward Off Posture-Related Strain
We hear a lot about workplace ergonomics, with experts telling office workers how to adjust their chairs, position their monitors and use their keyboards...
February 12
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Beat the Freeze: Coping With Joint Pain in Winter
As the winter chill sets in, you might find yourself hosting an unwelcome guest — joint pain. Joint aches and pains happen for many people all year round....
February 08