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ACL Surgery: These Steps Will Help Your Knee Heal as Quickly as Possible
Maybe you’re playing a sport when it happens — you hear a pop, and then your knee feels painful and unstable. You’ve torn your anterior cruciate ligament...
Mar 15
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Why You Might Have Fluid on the Knee and How to Treat It
When your knees are healthy, they’ll have a small amount of fluid in them. That fluid helps lubricate your knee joint, so it moves smoothly and without...
Mar 07
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8 Reasons Your Back Might Hurt More as You Get Older
As you get older, you might notice your back bothers you more than it used to. People aged 45 and up are much more likely to experience back pain than...
Feb 19
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3 Ways to Keep Your Back Healthy and Steer Clear of the Spine Surgeon
Whether you’ve woken up with a stiff back, felt sore after a day of yard work or tweaked your back unloading the dishwasher, you’ve probably had back pain...
Jan 08
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Learn About Degenerative Knee Arthritis With This Detailed Guide
Maybe you hear a popping or grinding sound in your knee, you find it catches sometimes, or you feel a twinge when you climb stairs. You wonder if it could...
Jan 06
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What Parents Should Know About Avulsion Fractures in Young Athletes
Most of the time, if you fracture a bone, it’s because of a fall or trauma. Or if you over-exercise, you can get a stress fracture. But there’s another...
Dec 19
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A Detailed Guide to Preventing and Treating Golfer’s Elbow
Any time you repeat the same motion over and over, you put yourself at risk for an overuse injury. When you play golf, swinging the club could cause golfer’s...
Dec 02
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Does Your Pain Mean It’s Time for a Knee Replacement?
If your knees ache and you’re not always able to do the things you want to do, you may wonder if it’s time for knee replacement surgery. It can be a great...
Nov 18
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That Pain at the Back of Your Foot Could Be Achilles Tendonitis
You probably learned about your Achilles tendon back in school. It’s the tendon on the back of your leg that connects your calf muscle to your heel bone....
Oct 23
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What Is Laparoscopic Surgery?
You’ve been given the news you need laparoscopic surgery to repair an injury. You want to finally feel better, but the idea of “going under the knife”...
Oct 07